Your Little Finger Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are

Your Little Finger Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are

Have you ever heard that the shape and the length of your little finger can reveal many things about your personality? Some people will say that it is funny but this ancient personality reading technique origins from South Korea and is supposed to be very precise when it comes to reading your personality traits. Just look at your little finger and compare it to the ring finger and then look at its shape. It’s really simple and interesting. Read the explanations and check for yourself.


You have a short little finger if it doesn’t reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. If you have a short little finger, it means that you are shy and reserved around strangers but big-hearted and friendly with your friends and relatives. Short little finger people have big dreams but they never do something to make them a reality. But, if they set their mind on something they can achieve it.


By normal little finger, we mean a finger which reaches the joint of the ring finger. People who have a normal little finger are stable and mature. It is very difficult to upset them, so they are often seen as cold and distant. But, it only takes patience to reveal their kindness and warmth, which are rarely shown to people they are not their friend or relatives.


A long little finger means that it exceeds the first joint of the ring finger. These people are charismatic, passionate, and whole-hearted. They enjoy being in the center of attention and are a real crowd pleaser. They are also very gifted people but they always feel the need to work hard to prove themselves.

Same as Ring Finger

Having a little finger the same length as your ring finger means that you want to be in a position of power, you strive for greatness and progress. You’re very ambitious and open minded. Additionally, it means that you are a real gift to society because you have a lot of potentials. These people turn out to be people in power, leaders, politicians and celebrities.

Low Position

If your little finger is positioned lower than the other fingers it means that you’re ambitious and full of expectations. These people often dream big but they never set into action. They enjoy talking about it but rarely do anything to make their dreams come true.

Square Shape

If your little finger first joint resembles a rectangle and the finger’s tip is flat, it means that you have a boxy little finger. These people are confident, sincere and good leaders. They are honest, which is both their weakness and strength, making it hard for them to become close friends with delicate people.


If your little finger has a pointy tip, it means that you are an excellent public speaker who enjoys being in the spotlight. You’re good with words both written and spoken. You enjoy learning new languages and possess diplomatic qualities.


If your little finger is bent towards the other fingers it is called curved little finger. People with a curved little finger are a real pacifist and they hate and avoid any kind of confrontation and conflict. They love bringing confronted sides together, showing their peacemaking abilities.

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