What does your hair say about your personality?

What does your hair say about your personality wikidok

What’s hair got to do with one’s identity?

The truth is that hair is an integral part of a woman’s personality. It speaks volumes about her. A woman can transform her own persona and look completely bold and edgy if she wants to, with just a change in her haircut. At the same time, a particular haircut or hairstyle can also make a woman appear soft and elegant. A new hairstyle can put her into an entirely new frame of mind.

If you have short hair

If a woman has a well-maintained and carefully-cut short hairstyle, it can reveal that she is artistic and wants to express herself through her hair. Any high-maintenance hairstyle can be a sign of wealth as it requires frequent trips to the stylist. As per experts, “Spending a significant percentage of one’s income on hair—or any other aspect of personal appearance suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions and possibly insecurity.”

If you have long hair

Long hair can have multiple meanings. Many women believe that long hair makes them more appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom.

Gray Hair

Women who go “naturally” gray are comfortable with who they are. They have their own opinions about what looks good and what they like.

Multi-Colored Hair

Obviously this shows that the wearer bucks tradition and doesn’t care what people think of her. The wearers are usually young and adventurous, but wearing these styles into adulthood reveals a woman who has little regard for what conventional society (employers, authority figures) thinks of her.

Curly versus straight

Straight-haired girls are seen as serious, professional and straightforward as their locks, according to sociologist Dr Rose Weitz, who studies perceptions of women’s hair, because they look more pulled together. But a word of warning: dead-straight hair can make you look more severe. If you have curly hair, people see you as more carefree and approachable.

If you have curly hair

Women with curly hair are also generous and tend do everything, like completing tasks, faster than other people. They have a “fire personality,” whose traits include leadership, love, passion, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. They also have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long time. And, there is also a possibility that they can be drama queens.

If you have wavy hair

High maintenance, you like looking gorgeous at all times. This is style is elegant, fun and carefree. Wavy hair stands for modernity and uniqueness. If you have wavy hair, you like to take control of things but at the same time, you never mind letting loose when required. You like going off the path and pampering yourself. It generally gives an innocent look.

Does your hairstyle matches your personality

Now you know what message your hair is sending out, why not try messing around with the signal? You might be surprised how a change affects your personality. The way you like your hair, your preferred hairdo, also tell a lot about your traits. For example, I have short, wavy hair but I dreams of long straight hair which means I long for perfection. Read on to know your personality type on the basis of your preferred hairstyle…

Straight, Sleek Hair

Your type of personality leaves nothing left untouched, no hair out of place. You have a plan for everything, and your Outlook calendar is color-coded to match the shades of the rainbow. So wearing your hair down and stick straight is your obvious go-to.

The Messy Bun

Your whimsical, manic-pixie-dream-girl sensibilities inspire (and occasionally annoy) everyone around you. You dance to the beat of your own drum and always manage to look adorable doing it. And what better hairstyle for you than the effortlessly stylish messy bun? The ease and flexibility of this style matches your dreamer personality.

The Braid

You’re the quiet, introverted type but when you do say something, it’s important. The understated but-oh-so-relevant braid is your go-to hairstyle of choice. It looks great but doesn’t call attention to itself.

The Ponytail

It probably goes without saying that the ponytail is the hairstyle you rock several times a week. It goes from the gym, to the office, to the coffee shop, and you rarely have to touch it up throughout the day. There are so many ways to wear the perfect pony, but all of them are practical and low maintenance, just like you.

If you have chosen to shave off your head

…then you might be the die-hard romantic types. Being bald is a sign of positivity in Chinese face reading and it often means that you have a huge heart, one that is always up for loving someone intuitively. You bear a very sparkling personality and are often on a lookout for your next romantic endeavour.

If you have red hair, chances are you’re fun

Other hair colors mean something in conjunction with your facial features, but red hair is the only one that stands out on its own and means something by itself. If you have red hair (and even if you dye your hair red), it usually means you’re fun-loving, hate to be bored, have a good sense of humor, and want to keep things light. They can also be fickle in relationships, because they like the infatuation stage of love.

Is your hair thick or thin?

Much like having thick eyebrows, if your hair is thick, you probably tend to have a lot of energy and you have a very strong willpower, but it can also mean you’re stubborn. Conversely, if you have thin hair, chances are you’re a delicate, meaning you’re not into extreme sports and that you like to conserve your energy more.

Straight hairline

If your hairline goes straight across, it’s the sign of a rebel who will break the rules. In Chinese face reading, the hairline is often referred to as the “Mother’s Influence.” So, if your mother believed in challenging the rules, chances are you’ll have a straight hairline that means you’ll be a rebel and tend to challenge the rules too. It’s also a sign that making a positive change in the world is important to them.

Irregular hairline

If your hairline is irregular, meaning it’s not even across your forehead, it’s a sign of a troubled adolescence. An uneven hairline can show that your mother (or the person in that role) didn’t have a very strong effect on you, indicating a difficult adolescence.

Left hair parting style

Individuals who part their hair from the left to the right are viewed as logical, analytical, aggressive and orderly. These people are typically controlled by the left hemisphere of their brains, which makes them people who are drawn to activities that are considered mentally challenging, masculine and alpha. They are reasonable, open-minded, smart, and organized.

Right hair parting style

Individuals who part their hair from the right to the left are perceived as emotional, spontaneous and creative people. This is said to be true because they are controlled by the right hemisphere of their brains. This side of the brain is more feminine and in tune with its emotions.

Middle hair parting style

Individuals who prefer to part their hair at the centre are viewed as calm and easy going individuals. These people are not partial to any part of their brains as they use both equally often. They are a social butterfly who can adapt to any environment.

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