Say Goodbye To Fruit Flies And Gnats Forever With The Paper Towel Trick And Other Homemade Traps

Say Goodbye To Fruit Flies And Gnats Forever With The Paper Towel Trick And Other Homemade Traps wikidok

Let’s face it, fruit flies and gnats are annoying little bugs that cause us immense irritation and a whole lot of frustration. And, especially during summer, we’re quick to run out and buy several toxic products in order to rid us of these little insects.

But what if we were able to tell you that there were several much easier ways to say goodbye to fruit flies and gnats for good, while giving the harmful chemicals the boot? Too good to be true? Keep reading.

You can start off by trying the paper towel funnel. Make a funnel using a paper towel and see that it fits snuggly into a jar. The opening of this funnel should be about an inch wide, and the tip, 2 inches above the bottom of the jar. Add some sort of bait to the jar (ie. rotten fruits) and watch the insects come hovering over.

Need more ideas, well here they are:

Red Wine

Take half a cup of red wine and one and a half cups of water to create a simple solution for those pesky insects. Mix the wine and the water, and pour it into a container or jar. Then place a strip of cling wrap over the top and poke multiple small holes in the film.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A more common home remedy consists of heating about half a cup of apple cider vinegar, adding a few drops of liquid hand soap and mixing it well. Then, place it in your container or jar, and add the cling wrap, again piercing multiple holes.

Rotten Food

Fruit flies and gnats are extremely attracted to rotten food, so if you’re not in the mood to create a mixture of liquids, place your overripe or rotten fruits and vegetables inside your container or jar with the poked cling film over, and watch those annoying bugs disappear. If you’re going to go with this hack, be sure to add water to the mix once you’re ready to throw out the contents, in order to definitely kill the bugs.

Dying to try these DIY hacks out? Watch the video below before starting! Be kind and share them with your friends so they too can enjoy their blissful summers in peace!

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