How To Increase Length Of Hair

How To Increase Length Of Hair

Certain proven practices at home can significantly enhance the length of your hair. These incredibly effective ways are highly cost effective and hassle free. You need not visit a physician or beauty therapist or spend thousands on a hair treatment. Just read on these small tips to know how you can grow your hair longer the healthy way at home.

Regulate your eating

The kind of food you eat is vital for a healthy and lustrous hair. Hair needs nourishment both from inside and outside to receive and comprehensive treatment. A balanced diet is essential for hair health that is enriched with fruits and fresh vegetables. Ensure that you include hair healthy components in your food including Vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium which are known to avert hair loss. Avoid junks foods that harm hair health and include protein rich diet like soybean, milk, fish and cheese.

Consume dietary supplements

Supplement your diet adequately with bio vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and multivitamins. In addition to finding them in ready made form in pharmacies, you can also get them from greens, peas, cereals, beans, almonds, yoghurt and fish.

Drink enough water

Hair is made of 95% protein and 5% water. If you want to keep you drink 12 glasses of water your hair healthy, nourished and grow fast, then it is important that you take not less than 10-12 glasses of water.

Exercise regularly

Though most people might wonder listening to this, exercise not only tones up the body, it also promotes hair growth significantly. A mixture of physical activities and workouts including yoga, walking, dancing, jogging and cycling for at least 20 minutes a day can help you enhance blood circulation and help the nutrients get absorbed deeply into the scalp.

Enjoy an adequate sleep

If you are particular about your hair growth, then never underestimate the importance of an adequate and quality sleep. Make 8 hours of sleep a part of your regular routine. If you lack proper sleep, you shall invariably experience dark circles, hair fall, stressed mind, pigmentation and dull skin. Using a soft pillow shall reduce the friction likely to happen on your hair and can thus lead to lesser damage.

Trim your hair regularly

One of the major inhibitors to hair growth is split ends. Dry and damaged hair shall invariably result in split ends. Once in every three months, go for regular trimming of your hair which shall tremendously boost up your hair growth. Pricking your split ends shall worsen the problem and therefore you must never do that.

Wash hair regularly

Regular wash can keep your hair healthy and clean. The oil glands present on your scalp regularly produce sebum which forms a layer on the scalp that shall hinder hair growth. Always go for natural shampoos and conditioners than chemical cleansers. At the same time, do not overdo washing more frequently since it shall lead to broken and stripped hair due to dryness. It is interesting to know that hot water is not that good for hair wash. Cold water can be more soothing and nourishing on your hair.

Do regular oil massages

Oil massage with any of your chosen aromatic oils can be highly soothing to your hair. This can help enhance blood circulation to the hair roots and promote hair growth. You can depend on different kinds of oils including coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary oil and jojoba for massage. You can just dip a towel in hot water and cover it over your hair which shall help the oil penetrate deep into your scalp thereby opening up the pores.

Use natural hair packs

The best way to promote hair growth is using a home made hair pack. You may prepare this with amla, onion juice, fenugreek seeds, avocado for finding encouraging results. Know that these remedies can take some time to take effect and therefore you need to be patient and enduring with your efforts

Safeguard your hair

Over exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution can drastically affect your hair. These factors can strip of the natural hair from your scalp and prevent hair growth. It is advisable to wear a hat or use a silk scarf to protect your hair when you move outside. You need to seriously avoid tight hair styles including tight braids, cornrows and pony tails that shall stress you hair and loosen them from their roots leading to hair loss. Never comb wet hair as it can snap the hair and let it break.

Go for hair styling choices

If you want some immediate ways to make your hair look longer, you may depend on some hair extensions available in the market and beauty product shops. Hair extensions are available in different lengths, colours and types that can immediately promote your looks. They are rather very quick options for some important occasions and let you look trendy and fashionable. Also, there are some other styling options including straightening, adding up layers and middle parting that can let your hair look longer.

Use Rogaine

Rogaine, also known as minoxidil is a widely used for hair treatment. You can apply this topically to promote your hair growth and also avoid hair falling. Know that rogaine is highly safe for applying on the scalp for both men and women. Most local drug stores sell this product and it is not too much expensive.

Use some effective hair conditioners

Majority of the hair colours available today have ammonia, which is the most popular bleaching agent. It can have adverse effects on your hair leading to breakage and hair damage. Over use of hair colours can also lead to the damaging of hair follicles. Henna is rather a natural options for hair colour that is in fact nourishing to hair and does not have any side effects. It can help you condition your hair as well as make it smooth, soft and healthy. Though not known popularly, coffee and cinnamon powders can also help in hair treatment.

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