Have You Ever Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night And Can’t Move Your Entire Body!? This Is Why!

Have You Ever Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night And Can’t Move Your Entire Body

Have you ever had a frightening experience while sleeping, waking up powerless? This experience is so creepy and you are not able to move your body, make a sound, and you have shortness of breath. Additionally, this condition may be complemented by a strong feeling of pressure on your chest, sense of danger and weighing your body down. This terrible condition is called sleep paralysis.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis isn’t really dangerous. It is a kind of parasomnia. It lasts for about few seconds and it usually happens when a person is waking up from sleep. Sometimes it can happen when the person is in the process of falling asleep. Unfortunately, the exact reason for this scary sleep experience is still unknown. However, it seems that many cases of sleep paralysis happen because of trouble transitioning between different sleep phases. This is particularly true when moving in and out of Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

During the REM, the body becomes paralyzed. This happens because this paralysis protects the body from injury during sleep. Dreaming occurs during REM. If there isn’t a paralyzing impact, there may be a physical response to the dreams, which can be unsafe.

It is believed that sleeping paralyzes occurs during the transitions in and out of REM and other sleep phases. That’s why, when you wake up, you are aware of the paralysis. This condition can be complemented by a feeling of flying or falling and hallucinations of ghosts. It is frightening, but it isn’t dangerous.

This is a common phenomenon and there are some groups of people predisposed to sleep paralyzes. That’s why, people who have disturbed sleep cycles, suffer from anxiety or have experienced trauma are at risk to experiencing this condition. Some people believed that this condition occurs due to genetics.

What To Do In Case Of Sleep Paralysis?

If you experience sleep paralysis, you shouldn’t panic. Just remember that this scary phenomenon is just temporary and safe.

How To Prevent Sleep Paralysis?

It is possible to reduce the chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. You should improve your lifestyle. For this reason, you need to follow these steps:

  • Reduce stress and maintaining the mental health
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Do regular exercises
  • Maintain a routine sleep routine
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Avoid late night dinner

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