A Master Chef Shares The Best And Easy Way To Cut A Watermelon

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You just can’t beat a gorgeous summer’s day! It’s a simple grabbing of the sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit and perhaps a good book, and off you go to the beach! Alternatively, a pool day and an awesome night with your favourite people is equally as great. The possibilities are endless and fun is always just around the corner. Summer days are simply carefree and glorious! Can you feel the excitement palpitating? Good!

Another fantastic summer time treat is a refreshing and tasty slice of watermelon! Is there anything better than taking a bite of that pink goodness? Arguably not. But one thing that generally tends to hinder my watermelon consumption, is the dreaded act of trying to cut it up and eat it without making a big mess. But not anymore! Why? A master chef has come forward with a genius way in which to literally have your watermelon… and eat it!

In his video, which as had over eight million views, he shows you a quick and effective way in which to slice the heavenly fruit, creating thin and easy to eat slices for you and the family to enjoy. Gone are the days of wearing baby bibs, and cheerio to kitchen mess and fuss—your summer just got a whole lot better!

So give the quick one-minute video a watch, it’ll surely eradicate the summer time sadness that is not being able to eat watermelon. And if you’ve found this quick and simply hack useful, be sure to share it with your summer and fruit-loving friends, so that they too can have the best summer yet! Cheers to the best season of the year!

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