21 Unexpected Ways to Relieve Stress Without Medication

21 Unexpected Ways to Relieve Stress Without Medication

Stress relief seems hard to come by these days. Stress is an inescapable reality, fortunately or unfortunately. But it’s how you handle it that matters. In those moments that you let your stress get the best of you, it can become a negative long-term response that ruins friendships, relationships, jobs, and more. More than half of all Americans report that their fights are rooted in stress; over 70 percent of which suffer physical and emotional symptoms from it.

21 Unexpected Ways You’ll Find Stress Relief

When it comes to relieving stress, we all know the basics – spend more time with loved ones, exercise regularly, and engage in more relaxing activities or hobbies on a weekly basis.

However, there are many smaller opportunities for natural stress relief that we often miss day-to-day, or never think to do. Dive into the list below and see what surprising stress-relievers you can apply to your own life!

1. Wash dishes (mindfully)

What could soiled dishes and cutlery possibly have to do with stress relief? Research suggest washing dishes mindfully effectively lowers nervousness and heightens inspiration. Next time you wash dishes, focus on their feel and smell and the water’s warmth.

Cleaning in general is a great natural stress aide! If you’ve got speakers and a diffuser, put on your favorite artist and breathe in the calming, grounding rhododendron to make cleaning feel like less of a chore.

2. Find Nemo, Dory, and peace

Blue water and beautiful fish are calming, but we don’t need to escape to a beach to get the benefits. Spend time at an aquarium and watch them move gracefully through water, completely unbothered by the world’s chaos. One study found that being around and watching sea creatures noticeably lowered people’s blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Reflect more often

Reflection can be intimidating. It requires you to be vulnerable and can take the form of prayer, meditation, or journaling. Making this a daily habit for as little as five minutes gives you a small, powerful block of time that allows you to acknowledge and work out your stress.

Baths are a great place to reflect and unwind at the same time. Simply add 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil into your diffuser; this will help sharpen mental clarity, and elevate your mood.

4. Stop slouching

Studies have confirmed that slouching lowers your mood and self-esteem. Sitting upright can make you more resilient to stress, improve memory, boost self-confidence, and improve your mood. You can benefit from these things, too! Give this simple exercise a try!

5. Create a quiet, soothing space

Colors affect us differently. Bright reds and oranges excite people while softer blues and greys relax others. Try carving out a relaxing space for yourself at home using soft accents in the decor (i.e. throw, pillows, rug). Enhance the soothing atmosphere further with a few drops of relaxing and grounding lavender oil in a diffuser.

6. Plan your next vacation

There’s something therapeutic about planning vacations. It’s hard to get excited when life seems governed by deadlines. But setting a plan in motion gives you something to look forward to, talk or think about, and work toward.

7. The healing power of human touch

Holding hands, hugging, kissing, and cuddling…These subtle, small actions provide huge stress relief for anyone feeling bogged down by life. In fact, intimate interactions increase endorphins and reduce stress hormones. The more you fill your life with loved ones, the more your body will counter depression and stress.

What’s more, our thoughts and actions can contribute to sore joints, tight muscles, and mental fatigue. This is your body telling you that you need to stop stressing and a massage is often the perfect antidote. If you can’t visit a masseuse, ask your partner to give you a massage; simply blend a few drops of this stress relief flower essence to your massage oil and rub it where you feel most tense. Or, use 1-2 drops under your tongue or in your water to sip throughout the day.

8. Visualize your thoughts

Psychologist Erin Olivo uses visual mindfulness meditation. Next time you’re stressed, try this: Pinpoint your stressors, visualize them as clouds and allow them to pass right over you. “When you begin to observe your thoughts as mental objects that simply come and go,” Olivo says, “they become less unpleasant…threatening…emotionally powerful.”

9. Give yourself a foot rub

It’s not easy to simply accept life’s stress as reality. That’s why you may want to turn to a grounding essential oil such as Jatamansi. Mixed in with a carrier oil, rub it into your feet before bed to relax and feel rejuvenated. Your feet actually have sixty pressure points, each able to provide unique relief. Use this guide yourself.

10. Say ‘NO’ more

Anyone who says ‘yes’ to everything knows the feeling of being stretched too thin. Once stress kicks in, you can only do ten things half-well versus five things extremely well. Can you see how this pattern can spiral out of control? One word – no – holds lots of power.

11. Knit or crochet

The art of needlework – the techniques, different patterns, and repetition involved – induces a state of relaxation like yoga or meditation. You may have trouble at first but once you find a groove, your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels can decrease significantly. Know how to knit or crochet and you can know stress relief.

12. Clench, then release your muscles

The idea, which has been around popularly since the 1930s, is that when you create muscle tension followed by relaxation, you feel immediate physical relief.

Try it yourself: Get into loose clothing and find a comfy position. Move down, starting from your forehead, and tense each muscle group for five seconds. If the tightness remains, tense them for five more seconds a few more times.

To boost the release of tension, add a few drops of calming, sweet-scented clary sage to a diffuser induce feelings of full-body comfort.

13. Spend time with kids

Remember when life was easy and the idea of ‘stress relief’ didn’t exist? Us too. Spend more time with your own kids, give your friend a break and watch their kid for an evening, or volunteer somewhere. Your life will be blessed, less stressed, and so will theirs.

14. Get nurtured by nature

More and more research points toward the psychological benefits of getting outside in sunshine and nature. Wilderness and green spaces are great stress relievers and can help lower blood pressure and alleviate depression or anxiety.

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