A Full List Of Illegal Cancer-Causing Shampoos! Is Your Shampoo On The List?

A Full List Of Illegal Cancer-Causing Shampoos! Is Your Shampoo On The List

Some recent study on shampoos and cleansers that the Center for Environmental Health in Oakland, California conducted, claims that these cosmetic products might be packed with more things inside than what you are paying for. This study found that even 98 common brands of shampoos contain a possible cancer-causing agent named cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA)!

Cocamide Diethanolamine (cocamide DEA) is a very harmful chemical used in cleansers and shampoos to create lather and volume.

The State has to publish a list of chemicals that have been known to cause cancer by the state of California, Proposition 65. All the manufacturers also need to label the potential health risks and the ingredients that their products contain.

Cocamide DEA is an ingredient that has been put on that list because of the fact that it is a possible cancer-causing agent. This chemical was banned in California when one study found that it can cause cancer in study animals one year ago.

The most disturbing thing is that there are major cosmetic manufacturers such as Paul Mitchell, Colgate, Palmolive, and Prell that are used by lots of people are using this carcinogen extremely in their so popular products.

However, the laboratory testing also discovered this harmful chemical in kids’ items, for instance, a KMart store brand bubble shower, and a cleanser/conditioner from Babies R Us. Another store brand items that contain this cancer-causing agent were found at Kohl’s, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s.

The FDA allows the manufacturers to use a wide array of substances in the products they produce without labeling them as cancer-causing, consumers are even more at risk, since some of these chemicals can trigger nervous system damage and liver failure.

A Full List Of Illegal Cancer-Causing Shampoos! Is Your Shampoo On The List


For that reason, we will show you a homemade natural shampoo that is going to help you reduce the potential risk because of the harmful ingredients in the products that you buy!

Homemade Natural Shampoo

Ingredients needed for this recipe:

2/3 cup of Castile soap
10- 15 drops of some essential oil
2 teaspoons of almond or olive oil
½ a cup of coconut milk

Method of Preparation:

It’s so easy! Mix the ingredients in some bottle, and your 100% natural, toxin- free shampoo is ready to use!

Use:You should always shake the bottle before using the shampoo! If you are using it regularly your hair will be incredibly shiny, healthy and gorgeous! The results will definitely amaze you!

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