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The first thing you notice about Orangetheory is the bright, orange-themed workout machines with a Hi-C-colored walls. A fitness class where the focus is on colors. This crazy studio gym is fast growing and becoming very popular.

Orangetheory fitness is definitely a bizzy workout that’ll help you get peeled in a months time. Orange fitness is one of the smartest way to burn calories fast. It is a 60-minute high-intensity interval classes which is smart and special, the entire session is split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors, using a treadmill, indoor rowing and weight room floor exercises.

Heart Monitors: All the participants wear a heart-rate monitor around the chest, with real-time readings showing on monitors in the studio during class. Everyone’s heart rate is displayed on a screen. Participants have more ability to set heart rate zones to optimize calorie burn, to analyze the amount of time spent in each zone and to view splat points from workouts in and outside of the studio. There are 5 different heart rate zones: gray, blue, green, orange or red zone based on intensity. The “orange zone” specially would like your to stay for 12-20 minutes of your training session. You get orange “splat points” for every minute spent in orange zone, this pushes you more to work harder.

Treadmills: Orangetheory studios have 12 treadmills, with an option to work as Power Walker, Jogger or Runner depending on the fitness level. For joggers and runners, you increase your speed for the push and all out pace. A big screen above the treadmills that displays participant’s name, heart rate, percentage of your max heart rate, calories burned and “splat points.”

Weight Room: Weight room is another way Orangetheory incorporates technology into the workout. The instructor demonstrates the exercises, the TV screens above the weight benches as well displays the steps. This exercise is a combination of traditional dumbbell strength exercises, bodyweight exercises, plyometric exercises and exercises performed with the TRX straps. However, the intensity of the strength training differs based on the studio location and instructor.

Rowing Machines: Rowing machines are machines used to warm up, the official rowing machine used by Orangetheory fitness is the WaterRower M1 HiRise, a commercial model. Working on these machines create ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,’ or EPOC.” They work many muscle groups and raise the rower’s heart rate, but are easier on joints than running.

Orangetheroy fitness has become one of the world’s largest fitness franchises. This US-based health club chain, which opened its first workout studio in Fort Lauderdale in 2010, now has almost 500 franchise studios in 40 states and seven countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Colombia. This explosive growth has seen 69% growth in 2016.

The workouts are well organized and are in high demand, with waiting lists for some classes. This highly effective one hour session brings a drastic change in one’s body, helps them be focused and competitive. “It’s basically highly motivating group personal training in a structured scientific environment,” says Orangetheory co-founder David Long. It help the members to meet their individual fitness goals in a short span of time. Participants burn an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories per workout.

Get competitive with yourself in this fun environment. Come to this place to get the ultimate workout. Strengthen your core with the best one-hour workout in the country.

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