One Cure for All Diseases

These 3 ingrediants will fix everything wrong in your body.

Take about 250 grams Fenugreek seeds, 100 grams Ajwain (carom seeds), and 50 grams kali jeera ( black cumin), clean all these 3 ingrediants, roast all these separately and grind it into a powder, mix all of them together then store it in air tight container.

Consume one spoon of this powder with Luke warm water before going to bed in the night. Remember don’t eat anything after this for about an hour.

To get complete benefit take this for around 3 months, you will notice drastic changes in your body.

This amazing powder can be consumed by all genders and ages.

Benefits of consuming this powder:

1. Removes Toxin: Consumption of this powder removes the toxic materials in the body via stool, urine and sweat. It acts as a best detoxifier and enhancer to your body.

2. Weight Loss: This powder can help jump start weight loss, decrease body fat, and improve unhealthy cholesterol levels naturally.

3. Improves Blood Circulation: This aromatic spice loaded with iron serves as a nutritious additive to healthy diet for anemic people. It not only boosts blood circulation but also improves the flow of oxygen through your cells helping easy digestion.

4. Beat Arthritis: Regular consumption of this powder helps in fighting arthritis.

5. Strong Bones: Calcium is necessary for the formation of strong bones. This powder is rich in calcium which increases the bone mineral density and thus prevents osteoporosis.

6. Oral Health: Taking this powder regularly heal soars in the mouth and reduce excess saliva.It also helps in reducing the swelling of gums and cures pain.

7. Cures Diabetes: Consuming this powder along with diabetic care powder helps control diabetes as it reduces blood sugar levels.

8. Helps Digestion: It relieves the digestive disorders by stimulating the secretion of carbohydrate, glucose and fat breaking enzymes. It also strengthens a sluggish digestive system.

9. Skin Care: The dietary fiber helps in detoxification and enhances your skin, making it look clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

10. Maintains Sexual Health: This powder being high in zinc and potassium, promotes sexual health. Zinc is important for sperm production which prevents ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation) and low sperm count and thus increases your virility.

So lead a tension free healthy life consuming this extremely nutritious health drink.

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