Turn Off Cancer Growth In 24 Hours With Broccoli And Watercress


Studies reveal that up to 30-40% of cancer can be prevented by changing our diet, which must include regular intake of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, watercress, spinach and kale. Nutrition plays a vital role in overall health.

It is good eating foods of every color of the rainbow throughout the day, but if you have a family history of cancer, there’s one color that should always be present on your plate: green. Green foods are well known for their anticancer effects.

Cruciferous vegetables especially watercress and broccoli have long been known to be incredible for our health due to their intense levels of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. These vegetables have some anti-cancerous properties linked to a number of cancers, due to their increase of antioxidant levels in the blood. Broccoli and watercress are full of phytochemicals that are known as glucosinolates that help to inhibit the growth of cancer stem cells.

Studies reveal that eating 85 grams of watercress per day can reduced cancer damage to white blood cells and increases the body’s levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants. This vegetable may hamper the growth of cancer cells, or even kill them. Antioxidants present in this vegetable removes cell-damaging “free radicals” from the affected body, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

When cancerous tumors outgrow their blood supply, they send out signals to normal tissues to feed them oxygen and nutrients. This compound in this cruciferous vegetable i.e, the watercress interferes with those signals. This leads to starvation of the cancerous growth by blocking essential blood and oxygen.

Cancer patients should have ready access to this life-sustaining green. Watercress is known to be an exceptional source of the known-antioxidants vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin K, an essential micronutrient for bone health.They are highly alkaline sources of nutrition, which has been proven to reduce the risk of developing multiple types of cancer. It is also a rich natural source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoid nutrients that are gaining attention for their ability to protect vision and support cardiovascular health. Antioxidants are widely known to protect DNA from the kind of damage associated with the development of cancer cells. It also reduces the risk of developing multiple types of cancer, including prostate, colon and breast cancer.

Researchers believe a substance called isothiocyanate in the broccoli treats cancer. Study suggests that broccoli sprout supplements help block the disease. Sulforaphane, present in broccoli is believed to give broccoli its particular cancer-fighting properties. It increases the enzymes that help the body to get rid of carcinogens and actually kills abnormal cells. At the cellular level, it also helps the body limit oxidation—the process that initiates many chronic diseases. Indoles work to combat cancer through their effect on estrogen. They block estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells, inhibiting the growth of estrogen-sensitive cancers. The indole present in broccoli is indole-3-carbinol, or I3C—is thought to be an especially effective breast-cancer preventive agent.

Studies indicate people who consume more than one portion of cruciferous vegetables per week are at lower risk of prostate cancer. The more broccoli in your food, the better will be your health, research suggests—so add it wherever you can, from salads to omelets to the top of your pizza. People would, however, need to eat at least 5.5lb of broccoli every day to get a therapeutic dose.

Many scientists don’t want to admit that foods contain powerful anti-cancer drugs proven to be more effective than chemotherapy, thus they attack any scientific study that shows foods, herbs or nutritional supplements in a positive light. Cancer can easily be prevented through healthy diet and lifestyle, good dose of supplements and herbs, and the disease is usually simple to reverse in early stages.

Modern medicine thrives on cancer,the cancer epidemic is a dream for Big Pharma. They mainly depend on this disease to create billions of dollars in revenue from pharmaceuticals, radiation, surgery and other hazardous treatments. The cancer industry has actually gone out of its way to suppress and censor information on effective prevention strategies, such as dietary guidelines, exercise and obesity education. Instead it is spending virtually nothing of its multi-billion dollar resources into treating cancer, not preventing or curing it.

Nothing here is a mystery. And you don’t have to wait for science or scientists to tell you that broccoli reverses cancer. Nature has already proven it. Of course, it is better if you’d stop poisoning yourself with sodium nitrite, refined sugar, white bread, soft drinks, hydrogenated oils and other metabolic disruptors. Heal your body naturally. Your body can’t heal if it’s cowering under an assault of dietary poisons and chemical toxins. Go Green.

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