She puts clips for 5 seconds to her ears.. Check what happens



What really would happen if you put clips to your ear for few seconds?

That’s ear reflexology technique. Massaging your ears or using a clothes peg is highly effective. Ear reflexology is not as famous as the foot or hand reflexology, but this method is just as effective as the other two for relieving stress and pain. Ear reflexology is basically a traditional Chinese medicine. This method of healing originated in China and Egypt more than 5000 years ago. This art of healing can be applied quickly and easily in situations when foot reflexology may not be suitable.

Ear reflexology is beneficial in many ways. Application of ear reflexology is gentle and non-invasive. It is ideal to use when other health conditions make the more traditional reflex therapies unsuitable because of cuts, scrapes or other more serious injuries. The ear reflects the shape of your body, lobes reflect the head while the top reflects the legs. It gives instant relief from pain. Ear reflexology is most beneficial for treating lowering blood pressure, infections and balancing hormones.  Ear reflexology stimulate all the areas of the body. It is very relaxing and calming.  Massaging ears can soothe headaches, tummy problems and back pain.

Combat stress in 15 minutes with ear reflexology.


  • Make yourself comfortable sitting in a chair or lie down in a quiet room.
  • See to that your hair does not interfere with your ear reflexology.
  • Gently massage both ears firmly with your finger tips.
  • Massage your ear lobes in small circles using your thumb and index fingers.
  • To relieve tension in the upper body and over thinking, you have to move your fingers up to the middle of the outside of your ears, and gently rotate your entire ear in circles.
  • Now work on the inner crevices of your ear, there are many reflex points there. It is better to use a blunt stick to work these points because fingers are too large to pinpoint a reflex.
  • Repeat this process on your left ear now.
  • Ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain. When you massage the right ear lobe, it allows the left brain and pituitary gland to become stimulated. When you massage the left ear lobe, it allows the right brain and pineal gland to become stimulated, giving you a whole brain experience.

    It is better to get your ear reflexology chart online or buy a book. It is easier to read a big chart as the small portion of your ear possesses hundreds of reflex points. Relax and read the chart carefully and identify the areas you are interested in. Work on those areas. For example, the upper part of your outer ear will treat depression and anxiety.

Massage your ears daily and your organs and whole body will benefit. By stimulating reflex points on ears, reflexology subtly impacts the whole body, affecting the organs and glands.

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