Get rid of lipomas without surgery


What is a lipoma?
A lipoma or otherwise called mass formation is a harmless deposit of fat under the skin on the neck, back, or shoulders. Lipoma is non-threatening tumor, but they can be very problematic so better to eliminate immediately. Lipomas are commonly found in adults from 40 to 60 years of age, but can also be found in younger adults and children. Lipomas aren’t cancer and don’t turn into cancer.

What causes a lipoma?
There isn’t scientifically proven reason why these benign tumors appear. A minor injury may trigger the growth. Mainly associated with genetics. They can be related to high blood cholesterol and obesity.

Many physicians recommend surgical removal of lipoma or a laser procedure. However, these treatments do not guarantee that the lipomas will not come back. Many people tend to take harmful drugs in order to get rid of lipomas, but there is a completely natural and harmless alternative that not only removes lipomas but it also prevents them from reoccurring.

Here is a natural way to get rid of lipomas without surgery.

This amazing soup recipe which can eliminate the problem easily, within a short period of time. This salve is actually recommended by some dermatologists. It helped many people. The mixture consists of flour and honey.

Use these two ingredients mixed in equal parts as a paste and generously apply to your lipomas. Cover it with bandage and let it sit like that for about 36 hours. After 36 hours, remove the remedy, wash the area and repeat the procedure.

Repeat this treatment 5 times for at least 8 days, and you will immediately start to notice how the lipomas are disappearing.

The mixture of honey and flour is also effective in treating external ulcers and wounds. Honey acts powerful anti-inflammatory, extracts impurities and stimulates lymph and blood circulation.

This remedy showed incredible results just in 7 days. Many of those who have tried this technique found their lipomas to significantly decrease and eventually dissipate.

Additional advice for fatty deposits:

– Detoxification of the entire body is the best primary natural therapy in lipomas . In addition to this avoid chemical shampoos, deodorants and sprays instead use natural ingredients that won’t adversely leach into your system.

– All natural spices, fruits and vegetables can stimulate the process of decomposition of fat and eliminate toxins.

– Drink at least one glass of lukewarm water in combination with juice of half a lemon every morning. This will detoxify your body and will stimulate your liver’s work. Remember to keep your body hydrated.

– It is advised to use omega-3 fatty acids as they help in decomposition and preventing the growth of adipose tissue.

– Try to add a lot of sprouts in your diet because they are very healthy and high in nutrients.

– Avoid consuming saturated fats and refined oils.

– Eliminate foods with additives, preservatives and pesticides, white flour, meat, milk and dairy products.

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