Use Castor Oil To Remove Moles


Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from castor bean seeds that are also known as Ricinus Communis. It is a vegetable oil with a pale yellow colour and is very famous for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Castor oil is considered to be the best laxative and a purgative medicine. The oil has a lot of benefits for general health, skin and hair.

Castor oil has a unique smell and taste. From ancient days, it is used as a remedy for constipation. The benefits of castor oil are due to its chemical composition. It contains the highest concentration of ricinoleic acid, and this acid is effective in preventing the growth of various kinds of bacteria and yeasts. Castor oil is a discutient—a substance that dissolves and remove tumors, abnormal growths, swellings, and cysts. This makes it the best medicine for curing ringworm, keratosis, skin inflammation and various other conditions.

Castor Oil And Moles

Castor oil is a popular alternative remedy for skin ailments, including the treatment of unwanted moles. The idea of removing moles with castor oil originated with Edgar Cayce, a reported sleeping prophet who suggested the treatment while in a trance. Although medical researchers have not tested and confirmed Cayce’s claims, you may try to remove a mole with castor oil. Consult your doctor about any mole that changes shape, grows or has uneven edges.

Almost everyone has at least one skin mole. But for some, it gets embarrassing if it appears in visible areas. So they constantly try to remove them. There are various ways to remove moles, and using castor oil is one among them.

Castor oil acts as a popular remedy for many skin ailments. Castor oil has a low molecular mass. Due to this, it can penetrate deep into the skin, right down into the lower layers of the deeply pigmented skin and helps to remove moles. It does not contain abrasive acidic ingredients, and hence will leave your skin soft and smooth.


Some moles take longer than others. Probably the maximum amount of time for removing a mole this way is two months.Some small superficial moles will disappear in as little as a month.

Superficial moles will dry up, so that they look like scabs of dead skin. They will fall off too, or you can scratch them off, as you would a scab. You may notice a small indentation in the skin, where the mole used to be, but this will heal without leaving a mark.

If you are treating numerous skin tags over a large area, you will apply the castor oil mixture one day and notice that you don’t feel the skin tags any more; the skin feels smooth. Having a closer look, you’ll se that they’re gone.

It may be possible to hasten this process by applying a drop of the castor oil mixture and covering the mole with a bandaid, so that the castor oil doesn’t rub off and is in continuous contact with the mole.

How To Remove Moles Using Castor Oil

There are two ways in which you can use castor oil to remove moles – with baking soda and without baking soda. But before starting any of these methods, wash your face with soap and water, and pat it dry with a towel.

Castor oil acts as discutient (something that will cause dispersal of pathological accumulation), therefore is effective in removing moles. Additionally, baking soda exfoliates the skin, slowly clearing the mole, making it less likely to leave a scar.


Castor oil
Baking soda
Small bowl


  • Put a pinch of baking soda in a bowl and a add sufficient amount of castor oil to it.
  • Stir it well to make a fine paste and apply to the affected part of the skin.
  • Leave it for few hours or leave it overnight.
  • Wash with water and pat the skin dry.
  • Regularize this application process daily until you completely get rid of the moles.

Oil Without Baking Soda:

Follow the same steps as above using the oil alone.

This is one of the cheapest and less time-consuming methods, and if done properly, you will find changes within a few days. The moles will start shrinking and will slowly disappear leaving a reddish mark behind, which will go off within a few days.

Side Effects

Castor oil is safe for external use, but those who are allergic to castor oil should avoid using it. Over-usage of this oil may lead to skin irritation.

Though it is considered to be safe, some people might feel nauseous after taking this.

This is all about castor oil and moles. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctor before ingesting this oil. It is known to induce labour in women. Moreover, women with a pregnancy period of less than 40 weeks should not take this oil.

Tips to Prevent the Moles:

  • If a mole has symptoms like bleeding, oozing, itching or if the mole become tender or painful, then don’t attempts to treat these moles on your own without consulting your doctor or health care provider, as they could be cancerous.
  • Remember that the remedies like garlic, apple cider vinegar, etc. will cause some burning sensation when applied directly, so you must apply either petroleum jelly or adhesive tape to protect the skin.
  • Always consult your doctor before following these remedies and follow your dermatologist’s advice if there is no change in the shape or color or texture, as the mole could be cancerous.
  • Those who have sensitive skin will have to take some extra precautions.
  • Regular intake of acidic fruit juices like green apple, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges and figs can be used, but the mole will have to be scratched first.
  • Regular exfoliation can help remove moles.
  • Sliced potatoes on the effected area can also be effective.
  • Avoid surgical methods at home as this can be dangerous.
  • Never ever pick or scratch at your mole.
  • Regular application of evening primrose oil will help to stop the growth of the mole.
  • These remedies do not help everyone, so try to find the one that is right for you.
  • Apply a potassium, walnut, honey or strawberry related remedy to clear the mole, as these are also effective.
  • Mole removal creams can be effective but may cause scarring.
  • Drinking more water and having a balanced diet provides proper functioning of the overall body and prevents the over production of melanocytes.

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