Aluminum Foil Dryer Balls – Do they Work?


If you’re not a fan of dryer sheets and the residue they leave on your clothes, but your clothing comes out suffering from static cling, try this simple and cheap trick.

Static cling is not only a death sentence for sock pairs, it’s annoying to constantly have to peel your clothes apart as you fold and hang them.

It’s even worse to show up at school or work and have to pull a sock out from the inside of your pant leg and shove it in your bag before anyone sees.

Dryer sheets are an obvious answer to combat static buildup in the dryer. But is there another solution? Of course there is. Aluminum foil.

ALUMINUM FOIL BALLS can be used instead of dryer sheets- preventing static cling while not clogging the dryer vent.

Aluminum foil dryer balls are a green alternative to commercial dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener. While in the dryer, they absorb electrical charges so your clothes stay static free. They also tumble happily with your laundry, softening it as it drys. But do they actually work?

It’s really so simple. Tear around a one-foot piece of aluminum foil from the roll and ball it up. Toss on your damp laundry, and you’re good to go. You can even add dryer balls, or a couple of tennis balls, which cut down on dry time. The tinfoil magically eliminates static from the fabrics, leaving laundry wonderfully fluffy.

Well, it’s not really magic. While tumbling through your dryer, the aluminum foil absorbs electrical charges your clothes make while bouncing around together.

Adding aluminum foil to your dryer is also safe, with no nasty side effects for your dryer or laundry. One ball can last up to six months, but you might find you need to replace it sooner — and you can toss the used ball in the recycling when it’s done.

Source: popsugar