Mobile Charging With Onion .!! Unbelievable

Unbelievable! It’s Possible To Charge Your Phone With An Onion!

We all have chargers to charge our smartphones. But have you ever wondered what you would do if there was no electricity, or if you were stranded on an island or a desert?

Today I am going to share a weird trick with all of you which can solve one of the biggest problems of your life. And most probably it is the biggest problem of teenagers – the “low batteries!” Isn’t it? Your phone loses all its charge, especially when you are in a mid of something very important. Right?

These days has became like we did not leave our mobile. So learn how to charge battery without phone. We are going to share a simple hack that can solve all your charging-related issues. All you need to charge your phone is an onion, a screwdriver, and an energy drink. Here’s how you can charge your phone with an onion.

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