Transform your Water! 7 Healthy Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

Give boring tap water a flavor boost to ensure you get your recommended ounces per day. Drink up!

Did you know that drinking mineral-rich water is essential to your health and wellness? It’s the way nature intended it to be after all. Alkaline water full of life-giving micro and macro minerals not only makes water taste better, but is also vital to your health and well-being according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its book, Nutrients in Drinking Water.

It’s especially important to add minerals to Reverse Osmosis (RO), distilled, and even some purified bottled waters, because they are often stripped of minerals and may even be acidic as I discussed in this recent post, “Are You Unknowingly Drinking ‘Dead’ Water Void of Essential MInerals?” But you may also want to find a way to filter and enrich plain tap water as well.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, 90 percent of what you pay for a bottle of water goes toward packaging, shipping, and advertising; and many bottles wind up in landfills, where they might take thousands of years to decompose. Plus: If you’re going to buy flavored waters, they could be bulked up with added colors, sugars, and other unhealthy agents. Skip the store, then, and mix these up yourself.

Not everybody has a taste for water, but we all need it to ensure that our bodies continue functioning properly.

Here are some easy ways to make your water more alkaline and mineral-rich whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. You may find that a combination of these solutions works best for you. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other ways to add minerals back into your water.

1. Add fresh fruit. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are classic water enhancers, but other fruit flavors might also tempt your taste buds. Try crushing fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water, or adding strawberry slices. Cucumber and fresh mint are refreshing flavors as well — especially in summer.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

2. Use juice. Any fruit juice can be a good base flavor for water, but tart juices, like cranberry, pomegranate, grape, and apple, are especially delicious. Go for juices that are all natural, with no added sugars. And remember: Fruits and their juices don’t just taste good — they contain vitamins and antioxidants that can benefit your health too.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

3. Make it bubbly. Many people prefer sparkling to still water. If plain old water isn’t inspiring to you, try a naturally effervescent mineral water — which will give you the added benefit of minerals. Or try bubbly seltzer, a carbonated water. You can add fresh fruit or natural juice flavors to your seltzer, as suggested above, or look for naturally flavored seltzers at your local market. If you become a seltzer devotee, you might want to consider getting a seltzer maker for your home.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

4. Get creative with ice. Some say that ice water tastes better than water served at room temperature. If that’s so, flavored ice cubes may make an even better drink. Use some of the flavoring suggestions above and start experimenting with fresh fruit, mint, or cucumber ice cubes. Simply chop your additive of choice, add it to your ice cube tray along with water, then freeze. You may also consider juice, tea, or coffee cubes. If you want to be more creative, use ice cube trays that come in fun shapes, like stars, circles, or even fish.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

5. Drink tea. Herbal, fruit, green, white, and red teas are generally considered to be better for you than black teas (or coffee, for that matter) because they contain little to no caffeine. And there are countless flavors of these teas to choose from. Start with the selection at your local market or health food store. If you’re interested in pursuing more exotic flavors and sophisticated teas, start researching the vast array of specialty teas that come from all parts of the globe.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

6. Try bouillons, broths, and consommes. If your palate leans toward the savory, you may pass on tea and start sipping one of these hot and savory liquids instead. Choose low-fat and low-sodium versions for maximum health benefits. Because soup is water-based, a cup of hot soup will count toward your daily fluid consumption.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

7. Include quick flavor. In case you’re searching for a brisk and-simple flavor, you may likewise consider sugarless drink blends sweetened with stevia, there are quite a few to choose from. You can also add some apple cider vinegar with ginger to get a really healthy, tasty drink.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

Detox waters have become very popular.

But there is so much more to a water cleanse than just weight loss and debloating.

 Transform your Water! 7 Ways to Make your Water Taste Better!

Whether you’re trying to get more energy, enhance your immune system or improve your overall health, you’ll find a suitable water detox recipe that will get you the results desired. And if you combine the 7 best detox water recipes below, the effect on your looks, health and mind will be nothing but astonishing.

Trust, just alternate between these 7 superheroes for 2 weeks, and you will never look back.

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