This Plant Kills Fourteen Types Of Cancer And Thirteen Different Infections! – So Why Don’t Doctors Recommend It? (Video)

 This Plant Kills Fourteen Types Of Cancer And Thirteen Different Infections!

Garlic is known among holistic practitioners and doctors worldwide as an extraordinary healthy plant that can provide a great number of amazing health benefits.

Here’s a list of diseases and conditions garlic can help you with:

• Helicobacter Pylori
• Yeast infection (Candida)
• Thrush (A fungal growth in the oral cavity)
• Aflatoxicosis associated with mycotoxin
• MRSA – Methicillin- Staphylococcus Aureus resistant to methicillin
• Klebsiella infection
• Vibrio infections
• HIV-1 infection
• Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Clostridium infection resistant to multiple drugs
• Cytomegalovirus Infections
• Herpes Simplex 1 & 2, Parainfluenza type 3
• Streptococcus Infection – Group 3
• Pseudomonas Aerigonosima

People have been using garlic as a natural remedy against diseases for centuries, and even the great Hippocrates considered it a miracle.

In case you want to use the vegetable as anti-fungal, consume at least 5 crushed cloves each day. One pod of the vegetable contains around 12 cloves. After you crush them, let the cloves sit for a minimum of 15 minutes so that it can release the enzyme named allinase which creates anti-cancer and anti-fungal compounds. You may consume it cooled or raw in sandwiches and other meals, while supplements do not have the same anti-fungal and anti-cancer compounds.

Over 4,200 studies have been conducted to test the wide spectrum of medicinal properties of garlic. All of the studies have found that garlic can treat more than 150 health issues including:

  • plaque accumulation in the arteries,
  • mercury poisoning,
  • DNA damage,
  • cancer,
  • diabetes and many more.
  • While most studies were focused on garlic effects on cardiovascular diseases and cancer, one study found that garlic can treat 167 different health problems.

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