Stop Bleeding In 10 Seconds With This Simple Trick

Stop Bleeding In 10 Seconds With This Simple Trick

For those who have issues with injuries that keep bleeding, here is how to stop bleeding in 10 seconds with this one trick.

Some people fear blood, which is called hemophobia. If this happens to be the case for you, then you want to stop a cut from bleeding as soon as possible.

Understand How Blood Clots

Human blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. When it comes to clotting, the important compounds in the blood are the platelets. Platelets are shaped like a disc (or a plate) and are the compound that is required when bleeding occurs. These platelets recognize a chemical that is released through the body, and all the platelets rush toward the site of the injury.

This is a simple process that occurs at all times a site on the body begins bleeding. However, sometimes the body needs a bit of help in getting the area to quit bleeding. If you are not comfortable waiting it out when it comes to a bleeding cut or wound, then fear not. There may be a simple solution as close as your kitchen.

Some Like it Hot

Now it is time to take a trip to the kitchen. The secret weapon to stopping a cut from bleeding is to use cayenne pepper. Sprinkle some of the pepper on the wound directly, and the cut will stop bleeding within 10 seconds.

Cayenne pepper is good for so much more than cooking. In addition to its ability to stop bleeding, cayenne pepper helps people get over migraines, heartburn, colds, flu, joint pain and fungal infection. It also comes in handy for those who suffer from obesity, swelling and toothaches.

It even has been studied for its effects on tumors and its ability to prevent cancer. Therefore, you may want to keep it around for more than seasoning a dish or two when it is meal time.

Very few people enjoy the sight of blood, and as mentioned above, some have a genuine fear of blood. Others prefer theirs to remain inside their veins, which is understandable. If you are either of the types that do not want to see blood or deal with a long-bleeding cut, remember to grab the cayenne pepper to get it to stop bleeding quickly.

Using cayenne pepper to stop bleeding may not have been your first guess, but it is a helpful fact and something that is most likely already taking up some space on your spice rack. This is a benefit since you won’t have to spend any money to have another method to get a cut to stop bleeding. Then, you can move on to other business and forget the incident ever occurred.

People with injuries just want that injury to stop bleeding and start healing. With the use of cayenne pepper, it stops bleeding quickly. That provides plenty of opportunity to begin growing and healing once again and for a long time to come.

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