Is Ayurveda totally vegetarian?? Probably Not! Here’s A List Of Ayurvedic Medicines That Have Non-Vegetarian Ingredients


In Ayurveda, perfect health is defined as “a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.”

In recent days, Ayurveda is more and more being associated with spirituality, hence a notion is there among people that, if you are on Ayurvedic medicines, then you should follow a vegetarian diet. If one is a firm follower of practical spirituality, and if one considers Ayurveda as a serious medical system, then here is the answer with detailed explanation to the question – Is Ayurveda vegetarian? can be explored.

The concept of vegetarian diet: In ancient Indian period, the concept of total vegetarianism was non existent. In Vedas, and Puranas, there is mentioning of non vegetarian diet and its qualities etc. The famous “Vatapi Jeerno bhava” incident in Agastya Maharishi is a classical example for prevalence of non vegetarian diet in those times.

The Hindus adopted the total vegetarian system after Buddhism spread across India. It is the classical nature of the Hindus to be flexible and to adopt any good thing from any other religion.

Is Ayurveda vegetarian ?

Ayurveda is not totally vegetarian by any stretch of imagination. Mamsarasa – the meat soup is explained in all the classical texts as the best medicine for extreme emaciation. It reduces tiredness due to Pitta imbalance (for example working under Sun for long hours), ideal for those who do daily exercise, improves voice strength, skin quality, immunity etc.

Mentioned below are a few Ayurvedic medicines that contain non-vegetarian ingredients:
1. Aswagandhadi Lehyam – This herbal medicine with ashwagandha as the main ingredient contains goat meat.
2. Sri Gopal Taila – It contains musk deer as an ingredient.
3. Amrita prasha Ghrita – It is a preparation that is made out of ghee and contains goat meat.
4. Ajamamsa Rasayanam – It contains goat meat.
5. Vayu Gulika – One of its ingredients is a part of musk deer.
6. Gorochana pills, Gorochanadi Vati, Gorochanadi Gulika, Mathala Rasayanam – They contain cow bile as an ingredient.
7. Kasturyadi Gutika – It contains a part of musk deer as an ingredient.
8. Kamadudha rasa – It contains conch shell.
9. Shankh Vati – It contains conch shell as an ingredient.
10. Kapardika Bhasma /Kaparda Bhasma – It is prepared from cowries.
11. Mukta Bhasma and Muktapishti – They contain pearl.
12. Maha Sneha – It contains fat and meat of the animal.
13. Mrigamadasava, Mrigamada Rasayana, Kasturi Bhairava Rasa, Brihat Kasthuri Bhairava Rasa– Contain musk deer as an ingredient.
14. Pravala Panchamruta Rasa – It contains animal shell of sea origin.
15. Kukkutandatvak Bhasma – It is made from egg shell, which is also considered as a good source of calcium.
16. Chagalyadi Ghrita, Brihat Chyagalyadi Ghrita – These both are ghee preparations that contain goat meat.
17. Chukkumthippalyadi Gulika – It contains deer horn bhasma and Caveat cat semen as an ingredient. But many pharmaceutical companies prefer to skip the second ingredient.
18. Navaratna Raja Mriganka Rasa – It contains navaratna i.e. 9 gems, out of which most are derived from sea animals.
19. Mahamasha Thailam (Samisha) – It contains goat meat as an ingredient.
20. Shringa Bhasma, Manasamitra Vatakam – It is prepared from deer horn.
21. Dhanwantaram Gulika (Kasturi) – Contains musk deer as an ingredient.
22. Reosto tablet of Himalaya herbal healthcare and osteolief also contain egg shell.

A few other Ayurvedic medicines that contain non vegetarian ingredients are Mahasneham, Dehaposhana Yamakam, Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam, and Maharajaprasarini Tailam.

  • Conclusion:
    Ayurveda does not say that one should follow total vegetarianism.
  • The non vegetarian diet has its own medicinal significance in Ayurveda.
  • It does not mean that everybody should have non vegetarian diet. One who is accustomed to it, can have it and one who is not, may not have it.
  • One of the reasons why total vegetarian diet is encouraged is because non veg is claimed to increase Tamas. Which, according to spirituality, is true.
  • Following non vegetarian diet will not have any bad effects on herbal Ayurvedic pills that one might be taking. One can have non veg, during his Ayurvedic medication period. There is no rule that non veg should not be taken while one is on Ayurvedic medicines.

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