Flush It Out – Detoxing Your Body Through Your Feet

Foot Detox Pads

As you’re well aware, there are tons of body detox methods out there on the market. Whether it be a juice cleanse, or a fruit and veggie detox, the main goal of these techniques is to flush the body of unwanted toxins that taint your health.

Did you know that you can detox your body through your feet? In fact, this method is quite effective and allows you to detox without starting a restrictive diet.

Detoxification is a process which is very important for our overall health. In this post we are going to present you the detoxification through your feet.

You will be able to eliminate all the toxins from your body just from your feet.

There are foot detox pads made from tree and bamboo extracts, and you can find it in the foot store. These pads are famous under the mane detox patches, which are coming from Japan, from their culture and their usage is very simple.

One of the famous pads is Kinoki Detox Pad, which is believed to regain the body balance right after the detox is over.

This patches will improve your sleep, circulation, mental focus, you will be headaches free and eliminate the arthritis pain.

In addition we are going to present you the recipe and the way of usage of this detox program.

Use a simple container from your home that’s large enough for both of your feet to fit comfortably.

First, visit your local health and nutrition store to purchase an herb packet specifically for foot detoxification.

If you can’t get to a health food store, or can’t find the right herb packet, you can try common ingredients, such as tea, dried hot peppers, garlic, ginger or dried citrus fruit peels. Experiment with a combination of any or all of these ingredients.

Then, mix your store-bought or home-made herb concoction with very hot water (about the same temperature as a hot tub) in your foot bath. Soak your feet for 25 minutes. Relax and enjoy.

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