Toothache Will Disappear in A Few Seconds If You Put This In Your Mouth


Toothache is caused by irritation of the tooth nerve, dental infection, gum disease, plaque, tooth decay, loose filling or tooth injuries. It can be very painful and is considered one of the worst pains you can experience – it will prevent you from doing your daily activities and affect your mood.

The usual treatment for toothache includes a trip to the dentist, who can determine the underlying cause and treat the problem properly. However, if you need a quick fix for the ache until you get to the dentist, there is a simple natural remedy that can help.

Toothache is especially unpleasant if it occurs overnight – you can’t go to the dentist and the pain is becoming stronger by the minute, leaving you without rest and making you lose your mind. Luckily, the remedy we’re presenting today will help you get rid of the pain until you get proper help in the morning. Here’s how to prepare it:


Half a teaspoon of clove powder
Half a teaspoon of coconut oil


Mix the ingredients to form a paste, then apply the remedy on the painful area and tooth and the pain will be gone soon. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times a day.

The remedy works due to the presence of eugenol in cloves, a powerful analgesic compound that can numb pain just as well as commercial analgesics. Try this incredible remedy the next time you’re having a throbbing toothache and you’ll get some much needed relief.

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