Shocking : Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE & SEMEN (Video)

 Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE & SEMEN

Most energy drinks contain a certain chemical known to grant you the energy of the gods (some known cases of flight as well) known as Taurine. Taurine is what gives energy drinks that pop when you drink them, what makes an energy drink… full of energy.

Longhorn Cattle Company conducted a study that shocked the world. According to their researchers energy drinks contain an ingredient extracted from bull semenand urine. They tested some of the best selling energy drink brands, including Monster, Red Bull and several other.

The ingredient named by the Latin Taurusis Taurine and it means bull. In 1827 by the Australian scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon, Taurine was isolated from ox bile. It’s categorized as an amino acid, but it lacks a carboxyl group. Taurine is normally found in bulls` urine, semen andlivers.

Horrible but true. Taurine is the most common ingredient in all of the energy drinks and it’s a byproduct of bull testicles.

Why do energy drinks have taurine?

So, why do they put taurine in energy drinks? To make good on the name “energy drink.” Some studies have suggested that taurine may improve athletic performance and can even, combined with caffeine (another ingredient found in these products), improve mental acuity. (Please note the use of the words “may” and “can” in the previous sentence. Further research needs to be done to confirm that taurine provides these specific health benefits.)

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 3,000 mg. of supplemental taurine per day is considered safe for human consumption. Energy drinks typically contain around 1,000 mg. per serving (one 8.4-ounce can, in the case of Red Bull).

Some doctors warn that energy drinks should be consumed in moderation, but that’s mainly due to their high caffeine content, not because there’s any danger of a bull semen overdose.

There is even a leaked video that has gone viral, where a former employee of a major energy drink brand exposes how the Taurine is extracted from the bulls and how it is processed for use in the energy drinks.

It goes without saying that with all the health risks already identified and directly linked to energy drinks such as heart attack and stroke. The last thing we needed was to discover that energy drinks are actually made from bull semen and urine.

If you don’t drop those energy drinks after this discovery then it must be said that you won’t ever be able to stop a bad habit.

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