Regrow Vegetables From Scrapes ! How To Grow…

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! How To Grow...

Undoubtedly, having your own homegrown vegetables is much better than buying them from the grocery.

Although it requires some time, the benefits you will feel are numerous. It will save you money and you need no farm; you can do it indoors.

What you need is to use fresh scraps, and when regrowing the plants, make sure you provide them with enough light and water.

First, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Check the water regularly. Make sure that the water for each re-growing crop is checked to see that the quantity is healthy and that no rogue lettuce pieces fall off and slime up your bowl.
  • Use a container of the right size. This should be relative to the size of the food being grown. For instance, green onion and lemongrass can grow in tall, narrow glasses while lettuce and celery require more shallow containers. You may use recycled containers for this, such as glass jars, small vases, storage bowls and shot glasses. These can also make lovely centerpieces for your table, being practical at the same time.
  • You can keep your little crops growing indoors. Anywhere close to a window would work fine.
  • You may re-grow the same plant more than once, as long as the area does not get overcrowded. 1-2 green onions can fit in a shot glass and 3-4 lemongrass will fit in a small vase.

The following are 8 foods that re-grow using water alone:

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !

Romaine Lettuce

Use the bottom of a lettuce head to grow new romaine lettuce. Put stumps of the romaine lettuce in a ½ inch water. After a few days, once new leaves and roots appear, transplant the romaine lettuce into soil. The leaves can grow up to twice the size. The same procedure can be done for re-growing cabbages.

Romaine lettuce is not only delicious, it is high in fiber (to improve your digestion and decrease the risk of constipation), calcium (for healthy, strong bones and teeth) and iron (for the red blood cells needed to delivery oxygen to all the cells in your body). It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and promote heart health.

Romaine lettuce can be grown by putting the stumps of the plant in a half-inch of water. After a few days, new leaves and roots will appear and they can then be transferred to a container with soil. You will be surprised at how tall these new plants can grow!

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !


Carrot greens may be re grown from its carrot tops. Place the carrot tops into a container with a little water and put it in a place that receives a lot of light or on a window sill.

Although carrot greens are pretty bitter, they taste amazing when you add chopped up garlic and a touch of vinegar, they are also great for salads.

Rich in powerful antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C, carrots are antioxidant rich veggies that will help your vision and reduce your risk of macular degeneration, a serious eye disease which is a leading cause of blindness. These antioxidants also protect against other chronic conditions like heart disease.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !

Bok Choy

Place the Bok Choy’s root ends in water in a well- lit area. After 1-2 weeks, transplant them to a pot that has soil. It will grow a new full head.

Bok choy is another surprisingly healthy veggie. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin K (to help the blood clot if you get cut), calcium (for strong bones and teeth) and sulfur compounds that have been proven to reduce the risk of many forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !


New basil can be regrown from basil cuttings. Put basil clippings that have stems of 3-4 inches in a glass of water, and place them in direct sunlight.

When the roots get to 2 inches long, transfer them to pots. With time, they will grow into full basil plants. In order to avoid getting slimy basil plants, change the water constantly.

Basil not only gives Italian and other Mediterranean meals a lot of zest, it is also an incredibly healthy herb. It is full of plant-based compounds called phytochemicals which help control anxiety levels by reducing cortisol, a stress-related hormone that can lead to weight gain, especially around the abdominal area.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !


If you place the stems of cilantro in a glass of water, they will grow. When the roots become long enough, transplant them to a pot with soil. Place them in a room with ample lighting and in a few months, your new plants will be fully grown.

Essential to many Mexican and Southwest dishes, cilantro also has some unique health benefits. One of them is that it helps the body detoxify from heavy metals like lead and arsenic which can have a harmful affect on the body. It can also help to promote heart health and improve quality of sleep.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !

Green Onions

In order to grow your own green onions, simply stick the stub of the plant in a glass of water: the onions will re-grow quickly and it is not even necessary to plant them!

Green onions are another incredibly healthy vegetable and are rich in vitamin A: the body uses this to make rhodopsin, which supports eye health by reducing night blindness as well as the chance of injuries like corneal tears.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !


Garlic sprouts can be grown from the garlic clove. New garlic sprouts will have a milder flavor, and can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes. When they begin to sprout, you should place them in a glass with little water.

Garlic is one of the healthiest vegetables you can add to your diet. It strengthens your immune system to make minor infections like flus and colds less likely and also promotes heart health through lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !


Use the leftover celery bottom to re-grow your new celery plant. Cut the base off and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer in the sun. The leaves will thicken and grow with time in the middle of the base. After three days, transfer it to soil.

Celery brings with it some unique health benefits. It is a natural diuretic, which means that it can help you to take off water weight naturally and is also rich in potassium, which helps to balance out the effects of sodium on the body and lowers the blood pressure to healthier levels.

8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever !

So try some of these at home: soon enough, you will have your own little windowsill garden, perfect if you live in town or in an apartment and want to be able to grow some of your food in a fairly small space. This can not only save you a lot of money, it can also give you the joy of harvesting your own fresh foods pretty much year-round and improve your overall health with the fiber and important vitamins and minerals these vegetables will give you.

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