This Man Was Gardening In Backyard, 60 Minutes Later He Died. The Reason? Scary!

 This Man Was Gardening In Backyard, 60 Minutes Later He Died. The Reason? Scary!

Not only was I shocked and saddened by the tragic story you are about to hear in the video below, but I found out something that I never knew. Where I live, yellow jackets appear in huge numbers in August, and I always complain that the “bees” are back. Apparently I, like many others, thought that yellow jackets are “bees”. They look and sting like “meat bees”, but they are actually WASPS!

This is very important to know, because we all love being outdoors during the summer..swimming, barbecuing, taking walks and gardening…but need to be aware and prepared. While bees are generally less aggressive, produce honey and are critical for balancing the eco-system, yellow jackets (wasps) are a different story.


After only an hour of being bitten from the wasps he was dead. He had allergic reaction and he did not even know that. That can happen to anybody, because maybe you have been bitten by wasps in the past but severe allergy can happen at any point in your life.His wife describes what happened and her terrible shock at losing her husband in an instant. The only thing that could have saved him, as his breathing became increasingly difficult, would have been EPINEPHRINE…having an EPI pen in their home.

That can happen to anybody and that is why you should be really careful especially now during summer because we are most of the time outdoors.

Watch the video below and you will see how his wife describes the situation and what happened with her husband.

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