NBC News: All Americans Will Be Microchipped In 2017 (Video)

NBC News: All Americans Will Be Microchipped In 1 Year

It tells of a time in the probable near future where nothing will be bought or sold without this ‘marking’. It has long been speculated what it will be. A tattoo? An arm band or head band of sorts.

Not long ago NBC predicted that by 2017 people in America will be followed with microchips. The chips will be implanted in order to help with immediate identification of individuals. In this report, it is said that the technology is used for answering only one question: Am I who I say I am? However people are worried, that the RFID Microchip could make the government too powerful and they could track their moves. Some states, such as Virginia, are doing their best to stop this process from happening.

An implantable chip in one’s hand. This chip could interact with your body in the doctor’s office. Scan it, and it could tell your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, or any other vital piece of information of medical history.Go to the store and scan your hand to pay for groceries. It would be connected to your bank account and the amount deducted. No cash. No credit cards. No more fraud.

Remember, they do things over time to condition the population into think this is normal. Please understand, you are just a number to the government. A RFID Chip is the governments means to control you for the rest of your life.Using the RFID Microchip they can follow the movement the person that has the chip. They will be able to control the food and money that people have. It is also said that they could even kill those people who won’t follow and obey. However the possibility to Chip Every Citizen of the United States is in the bill.

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