How to REGROW Teeth in Your Mouth in 9 Weeks (VIDEO)

How to REGROW Teeth in Your Mouth in 9 Weeks

Latest innovations in the field brought solutions to missing teeth, such as dental implants and dentures. The inconvenient is that these technologies require much time to be implemented, because the implants have to be accepted by our body. Dental implants are a great technology that allows us to fill the void where the tooth was taken out without having to resort to dentures or just live with the new gap, but they come with their own set of drawbacks.

Possible problems with dental implants

Dental implants may be a great alternative to missing theeth, but they often cause a number of complications, such as:

  • Infections (this will also require implant removal)
  • The body rejects the dental implants
  • The dental implants can connect badly with the jawbone
  • They are expensive
  • Gum damage (especially if your dentist does not have enough experience with such procedures)
  • Needless to mention that you go through a lot of pain and lose both time and money If complications arise from your implants.


How to regenerate teeth in oral cavity ?

A research was conducted by the Columbia University with Dr. Jeremy Mao as the lead investigator and something incredible was discovered. Dr. Jeremy Mao has made a scaffold for teeth which contains the stem cells in the body. Using their DNA, he succeeded in regenerating new teeth. This discovery of the modern technology promises a bright future when it comes to dental care.

Advantages of regenerating your teeth with the new discovered method

  • It is not a painful dental procedure.
  • It takes only nine weeks. This modern method-a tooth scaffold, which is inserted in the missing tooth place, allows a tooth to grow back in nine weeks.
  • The body is most likely to accept the new tooth, because the doctor uses stem cells from your own body. As soon as the new tooth starts to grow, it becomes one with the surrounding tissue and promotes the regeneration process.

When the New Procedure Will be Available?

Even though it promises great results, this method needs further assessment and still hasn’t been approved by the medical authorities. When it comes into use, it’ll certainly be more popular than dental implants because it reduces the time needed for recovery, along with the risk of being rejected by the body.

This is exciting news for anyone who has ever worried about what they’ll do if they lose a tooth!

Other Exciting New Technology in Dentistry

Another technological breakthrough that supposed to be available next year is healing small cavities without drilling!

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