Tips And Tricks On How To Grow Taller Fast Revealed

 Tips And Tricks On How To Grow Taller Fast Revealed

How to Increase Height? I know this Question always popup in your mind. One of the prerequisites to be attractive is one’s height. Some people are blessed with good height and yet there are others who are not so tall and wish to be some inches taller than they are.

A person’s height is determined to a great extent by genetics, but it is not necessarily the only determinant. There is a hormone in the body known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that regulates height. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and is highly essential for the growth of long bones and cartilage.

Several other factors play a key role in determining height, such as smoking during pregnancy, poor post-natal care, low birth weight and poor health during childhood.

Factors that affect height
There are many biological and physical factors which determine your height, given as follows:

Genetic factors
Height is a trait which is determined by thousands of genetic variants like in case of BMI and cholesterol levels. If we go by the scientific studies then 60 – 80 percent of height difference among individuals is determined by the genetic factors while 20 – 40 percent depends on the environment or physical factors like nutrition. The above figures are based on the estimate of heritability of human height which is a genetic parameter which considers proportion of total variation in height due to genetic factors in a given biological sample.

Generally heritability is determined by estimating the degree of resemblance among relatives such as twin, siblings, parents and offspring with their similarity in height. Height heritability can vary from population to population such as Chinese population has average height while western population is at the tall side. This diversity of heritability occurs due to different genetic background and environment such as climate, dietary habits and lifestyles followed by the population.

Non genetic factors
There are many other non genetic factors besides nutrition such as diseases, lack of physical activity, posture and hormonal imbalance. Childhood Disease can greatly affect the final height of the individual but it can be overcome by growth hormone treatment. Lack of physical activity like sports also plays an important role in height gain. If you have short genes but you actively participate in sports then it can affect your skeletal system and the body will direct the nutrition flow towards your bones making them long and strong. Sometimes disorder of endocrine glands cause hormonal imbalance which can arrest your growth process but this can be rectified by proper medication and exercises.

There are cases where wrong sitting and standing posture makes the person appear short heighted. Some people have habit of slouching forward or dropping their shoulder which make them short. You can easily gain some of your hidden height just by correcting your posture. Stretching exercises help in lengthening of spine and make it flexible, thus adding inches to your height.

You can go for special treatment like surgery BUT only when you badly need it. Surgery is recommended to very short heighted people or individuals with bone deformities. Therefore, follow the natural method of exercising and eating healthy not just to gain inches but overall fitness.

Here are a few tips shows how to increase height

Engage in Sports or Regular Exercise
Engaging in regular exercise or playing your favorite sport is one of the best ways to grow taller. Children and teens are always encouraged to be physically active as this promotes growth. Even if you’re past the age of 18, you can still add a few inches to your frame before the growth plates close when you reach mid-twenties.

The science behind how physical activity affects growth is simple. If the body is physically active, it demands more nutrients. Consequently, an increase in nutrient intake translates to growth. What’s more, participating in sports and exercising regularly helps in stimulating growth hormones.

When combined with a healthy diet and adequate sleep, exercising on a regular basis will help you grow taller. Some of the best exercises and sports that can enhance height include:

One of the best full body workouts, swimming is a great sport that can contribute to a taller height. Swimming tends to elongate your muscles and if you start at an early age, it will help you reach adequate height. However, you need to swim at least 2 hours daily for 4 to 5 days a week to reap the benefits.

Hanging Exercises
Hanging from a horizontal bar with your arms stretched out overhead is an effective routine that can instigate an increase in height. To perform hanging exercises properly, stay in the same position for about 10 seconds before breaking off and repeat this several times.

For an even better stretch, bring your legs up so that they are parallel to the floor and hold that position for a few seconds. You need to perform these routines several times a week if you want them to have any positive effect.

Toe Touching Exercises
Toe touching is one of many stretching exercises you can perform for a taller frame. When you bend over to touch your toes, this elongates the spine. This routine can be done when standing or sitting down and it’s a great way to warm up before more intense exercises.

The Super Stretch
Much like toe touching, the super stretch is another great exercise that may possibly help you grow taller. To perform this simple exercise, simply stand upright and stretch your hands overhead as far as you can.

Leaning back slightly enhances the stretch and you should be able to feel your lower spine stretching. Combining this routine with toe touching will help you complete full body stretch reps. Ideally, hold repetitions for about 4 to 7 seconds then alternate between the super stretch and toe touching exercise several times.

Skipping Rope or Rope Jumping
Rope jumping is not just a fun game for kids, but also a great exercise for gaining height. When jumping rope, your body remains erect while stretching the back and spine. Constant bending at the knees causes calves to expand vertically. These physical movements work together to add bone mass in lower legs, which help in gaining a few inches.Research suggests that growing teenagers and pre-teens need between 8.5 and 11 hours of sleep every night. This is because your body grows and regenerates tissue while you’re at rest. Make your sleeping environment as calm as possible, and try to eliminate loud noises and unnecessary light. If you have trouble falling asleep, try taking a warm bath or drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed.

The human growth hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in our bodies, especially during deep or slow wave sleep. Getting good, sound sleep will encourage the production of HGH, which is created in the pituitary gland.
As a hormone, HGH is sometimes injected into the bloodstream under supervision of a licensed doctor. HGH creams, powders, pills or non-prescription injections are medically suspect and can have serious side effects.[6] Talk with your doctor before starting any course of HGH treatment.

This exercise utilizes all major muscles groups of your body especially hands and legs. It stretches and tones these muscles and thus induces growth process in the body. It also enhances the coordination and balancing in the body. You can ride a common bicycle or stationary one but go for the one with raised saddle because it will lengthen your leg muscles in order to reach the paddles. The initial increase in height will take 1- 4 months time depending on other height increasing factors like nutrition, growth hormone and sleep.

Ankle weights
This is generally team used during hanging exercises because it increases the gravitational pull working on your body while you are hanging. The added weight makes your spine and leg muscles work harder and it induces lengthening of bones and muscles. Always start with less weight and once you get used to them then you can increase weights. t also makes your body spend more energy by burning fat deposits which gives you an attractive figure.

This method increases flexibility of your leg muscles but it is more prone to injury therefore it should be performed under expert’s supervision. You should start with short and simple kicks and when you understand the technique properly then you can go for hard and high kick. Warm up is very important before this kicking stretching as practicing this without warm up and cause muscle or tendon injury.

Hanging exercise
This method increases the gap between vertebrae and allows the spinal disc to retain more fluid which results into lengthening and strengthening of spine. It also affects the neck muscles where thyroid gland is situated. Stretching of neck muscles trigger the synthesis and release of growth hormone in the body which also assist in height growth.

Monkey bar or chin up bar hanging
This is the most effective height increasing exercise as it utilizes the gravitational force to lengthen your spine.

Table stretch exercise
This exercise is not for beginners and it should be done under an expert supervision to prevent any injury. This method is one of the most effective methods for height gain. To perform this pose, you have to sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you.

Cobra stretch
This stretching exercise affects your spine, neck and shoulder muscles. It releases stress from these muscles and strengthen them. This is highly recommended for height increase because regular practice of this exercise elongates your upper body and adds inches to your height.

Eat Healthy
Eating healthy is absolutely essential when it comes to supporting proper growth since it’s important to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs to grow and develop fully. The key to eating healthy is to stick to a balanced diet and avoid junk food. In order to grow to your full height, practice the following healthy eating habits:

Get Enough Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for healthy bone development, especially in children. You can get vitamin D from foods such as fish, mushrooms dairy products, eggs, pork, alfalfa, and tofu or by getting adequate sunlight exposure.

Get Enough Calcium
Intake of calcium is also very important since bones require this nutrient to grow and develop. Rich sources of calcium mostly include cheese, soybeans, sardines, green vegetables, dairy products and fortified cereals.

Eat Zinc
Increase your zinc intake with foods such as peas, asparagus, eggs, chocolate and oysters to further promote healthy development. Zinc is especially important in children since lack of it causes stunted growth.

Load Up On Other Essential Nutrients
Other nutrients apart from those mentioned above should not be ignored too since they also contribute to proper growth. You need carbohydrates to energize cells as well as sufficient amounts of protein to provide your body with the essential building blocks it needs to grow. If there are any nutrients lacking in your diet, you can bridge the nutritional gap by taking supplements.

Keep your immune system strong
Some childhood illnesses can stunt your growth. Most of them can be avoided by the routine immunizations you may have had as a baby, but stay on the safe side by ingesting plenty of Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons) and getting plenty of rest as soon as you notice that you feel sick.
Keep your immune system strong by eating whole, fresh foods. Try to avoid processed foods, foods with empty calories or high levels of fat, and hydrogenated foods, such as margarine or shortening.
Eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Eating one thing such as açaí berries or salmon for every meal, while not harmful, doesn’t do all that much to keep your immune system at its strongest. Eat a variety of fruits, plenty vegetables, whole grains, protein sources such as milk, cheese, nuts and fish, and other foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids for a healthier immune system.

Drink Milk
Milk is rich in calcium, an important mineral for bone growth. Calcium also acts as a height booster. Besides calcium, milk has vitamin A and protein that are essential for overall development of the body, including height.

To increase your height by a few inches, drink at least two to three glasses of milk daily. In addition, eating dairy foods like cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and cream can have an effect on height.

Get plenty of sleep
All your efforts to increase your height will fail if you do not take enough rest or sleep well. You should make it a point to take rest at regular intervals as this will allow your body to repair and restore energy. So spare some time to rest yourself whenever you feel tired. And, it is a known fact that our body is at deep rest only during the sleeping time. Therefore, an undisturbed sleep of 6to 7 hours a day is recommended. During this time higher levels of human growth hormones are released by the body that help in the proper body growth and development.

Drink Plenty of Water
Guzzling down gallons of water won’t make you grow into a towering giant, but the body needs to stay hydrated in order to reach its full growth potential. Drinking water is often overlooked when it comes to growing taller. However, water improves digestion, flushes out toxins, and improves your metabolism. As such, it will have a direct impact on your height.

You need at least 8 glasses of water a day for optimum health. Another great way to keep your body hydrated is to eat water-based fruits and greens like watermelons and cucumbers.

Keep Away from Factors that Hamper Growth
Certain growth inhibitors can keep you from attaining into your inherent height and you can keep these external factors from affecting your height by avoiding them.

Drugs and alcohol are two of the most common growth stunting factors that should be avoided at all costs since these substances interfere with normal growth. Steroids have also been found to stunt growth when taken at a young age. These drugs should therefore not be used if you’re still a teenager because they tend to inhibit bone development by closing your growth plates. In fact, research shows that children and teens who use asthma medications containing small doses of budesonide (a type of steroid) usually grow an inch shorter than their healthy peers.

Apart from steroids, drugs, and alcohol, caffeine can also interfere with growth especially in young children. It doesn’t inhibit growth directly but keeps you from sleeping soundly. Since both children and teens require 8 to 11 hours of sleep to develop properly, too much caffeine will cause inadequate sleep, which in turn leads to a short height.

Leg lengthening surgery is also one of the modern medical interventions that many healthy individuals seek in hopes that it will increase their height. In essence, the procedure involves breaking through the tibia and fibula (the bones in your lower legs) and inserting a telescopic rod between them. The inserted rod sits outside the leg framework and need to be adjusted several times a day. When adjusted, the rod pulls both bones in the hopes that new tissue will fill the gap. The telescopic rods pull the bones about 1mm a day, but the whole process can last up to 6 months followed by 3 to 6 more months of physically-demanding therapy.

Lengthening surgery usually provides only about 3 inches of growth if it’s successful. However, 3 inches to a short person can be considered quite substantial. Keep in mind, however, that this procedure should be a last resort because it can be very expensive, painful, and may result in complications.

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