Black Seed – ‘The Remedy For Everything But Death’

The Remedy For Everything But Death

The ancients described black seed as a “remedy for everything but death.” It has been used  across epochs, with its roots in ancient Egypt, where it was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

With virtually no side effects, the healing powers of black seed is actually quite  unbelievable and it boggles the mind that most Americans have never heard of it!

You may know black seeds from a variety of different names, depending on which part of the  world you’re in. Here are a few of the more popular one’s:

Kalonji Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil
Nigella Seeds
Graine De Nigelle
Black Onion Seeds
Habbatus Sauda

The tiny, black, thick shaped cumin seed is most commonly referred to as ‘black seeds’ or  ‘black cumin seeds’. They are slightly curved with a rough distinct texture that make them  unique and easy to identify.

These ingredients of black seed oil enable it to act as a multipurpose natural remedy for  just about anything and everything.

Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

1. Fights Cancer

Cancer is a result of DNA mutations multiplying too quickly for your immune system to catch  up. Caused mainly by inflammation, the thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone properties in  black seeds have been found to be effective in it’s treatment. Known mainly for it’s anti- inflammatory properties, black seed oil has been proven to prevent and treat many different  cancers, including skin cancer. This is again due to the potent anti bacterial and anti  inflammatory properties it contains, the 2 main properties of black seeds.

The way they work is by targeting your white blood cells, thereby boosting your immune  health and killing cancer cells.

2. Promotes Heart Health

Black cumin benefits the heart and the cardiovascular system in a variety of impressive  ways.A thymoquinone extract from nigella sativa has a protective effect against damage  associated with experimental heart attack. It can reduce bad or LDL cholesterol, lowers  blood pressure .

The rich and unsaturated Omega 6 & 9 acids as well as the phytosterols that black seeds  contain offer amazing heart benefits and help reinforce elasticity in your blood vessel  walls, thereby aiding in the prevention of thrombus formation and arterial pressure.

For centuries, this has been one of the main uses of black seed oil and one of its most praised benefits.

Drink Black Seed Oil continuously with any hot drink. This dissolves fats and dialates veins and arteries

3. Cures Type II Diabetes

Consuming black seed oil aids people to stabilize blood sugar levels, improves insulin resistance, and promotes beta-cell function in the pancreas. According to a study published in the January 2009 issue of the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology, black seed extracts help inhibit the absorption of glucose in the intestines and improve glucose tolerance in laboratory animals. Another article in the April 2011 issue of the “Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism” reaffirms that a component found in black seeds increases the insulin sensitivity of liver cells, which helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

4. Treats Toothaches – Another effective remedy for toothaches is black seed oil. To relieve the pain and soreness, all you do is rub the oil on your gums for 20 seconds. Then sit back and feel the anti-oxidants go to work.

5. Sore throat – Research indicates that Black seed is an effective treatment for acute tonsillopharyngitis with tonsil or throat tissue inflammation. Basically, it can relieve viral sore throats.

6.Helps Soothe Respiratory Problems and Asthma Symptoms

Black seeds were used in ancient Greece as the active ingredient in inhalers, which helped alleviate respiratory problems, such as asthma, chronic coughs, and acute allergies.

Though more studies must be performed, early data indicates that black seed oil may be even more effective at fighting asthma, coughs, and allergy attacks than conventional treatments used today. Nigella Sativa is used very effectively in modern day inhalers in Marrakech.

7.Reduces Epileptic Seizures

Black seed has been utilized for its ability to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures. Different types of anti-epileptic drugs are widely available, yet 15 percent of childhood epilepsy cases remain resistant to conventional treatment.

A clinical trial exploring the efficacy of black seed in reducing the frequency of seizures in childhood refractory epilepsy was performed in Iran. Patients were administered a water extract of black seed and a placebo for a period of four weeks and between these periods received their pre-existing anti-epileptic drugs for two weeks. The mean frequency of seizures was dramatically reduced during the treatment period when the black seed extract was used. The researchers concluded that the water extract of black seed has anti-epileptic effects in children with refractory seizures.

8. Combats MRSA

MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that causes many deaths worldwide. Most infections occur in people who have been hospitalized or had surgery or dialysis. Black seed’s strong antibacterial properties shows some great and promising results in killing this deadly and resistant bacteria.

9. Liver Health

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Nearly every toxin gets processed through the liver, and the bile from the liver is the key to digesting fats and keeping your mind and body happy and healthy.

Black seed provides a rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients play a key role in daily health and wellness. They help to regulate the metabolism, carry toxins to the skin’s surface for elimination and promote healthy liver function. A deficiency in polyunsaturated fatty acids can lead to a wide number of health problems including nervous system disorders, uninhibited growths, and skin diseases.

For those that have struggled with poor liver function due to medication side effects, alcohol consumption, or disease, black seed oil could greatly speed the healing process. In a recent study scientists discovered that black seed oil benefits the function of the liver and helps prevent both damage and disease.

10. Parkinson’s Disease

An extract of thymoquinone, from black seed, was shown to protect neurons from toxicity associated with parkinson’s disease and dementia in a study published
in Neuroscience Letters.

11. Muscle Cramps And Spasms

Black seed oil works as a strong anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent to ease muscle cramps and spasms. The only thing you need to do is massage the oil onto the area twice a day or add one teaspoon black seed oil to chamomile tea and drink before going to bed to avoid cramps and spasms during the night.

12. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes cells to rapidly build up on the surface of the skin, resulting in itchy, dry red patches which have a scaly appearance. Black seed has traditionally been used to topically treat this, with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties having a calming effect on such dermal eruptions.

13. Helps Eliminate Insomnia

Studies have shown that taking black seed oil for insomnia and other sleep disorders can be very effective. Many have claimed that it has helped them eliminate their sleeping disorder altogether.

On top of this, it’s also great for promoting natural deep sleep for everyone.

14. Post-Surgical Scar Prevention

Tested on areas of post-operative trauma, Nigella sativa was found to protect peritoneal surfaces from scarring or adhesion formation.

15. Black Seed Oil for Diarrhea

Since most diarrhea is a result of a viral infection, the anti-inflammatory properties of black seed makes a perfect home remedy for it. It balances your digestion and intestines, allowing your body to become less constipated.

Many suggest mixing 1-2 teaspoons of black seed oil with yogurt for 2 days before the diarrhea is completely gone.

Some of the many conditions reportedly treated with consistent ingestion of black cumin oil
include, but are not limited to…

Heart Disease
Improves hair growth and even prevents poliosis (early graying).
Candida Albicans
Decreases the cholesterol level in blood
Prevents development of inflammatory processes in the cardiovascular system
Helps fortify and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls
Helps Acne
Helps relieve backache, arthritis and rheumatism
Helps Burns
Helps with Eczema
Fungal and other Infections
Joint Pain
Sore Muscles
Analgesic (pain-killing)
Gluconeogenesis inhibitor (anti-diabetic)
Hepato-protective (liver protecting)
Insulin sensitizing
Interferon inducer
Increases flow of breast milk in nursing mothers
Stimulates menstrual periods
Chronic fatigue
Increases healthy fat in the blood
Improves body tone
Calms nervous system
Stimulates urine production
Improves respiratory problems/symptoms
Fights infectious disease
Prevents epileptic seizures
Prostate issues
Gallbladder stones
Kidney stones
Varicose veins
High blood pressure
Difficult circulation and many other health problems.
Reno-protective (kidney protecting)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor
Boosts immune system function and response
Boosts functioning of metabolic processes.
Nourishes the skin and helps in the regeneration of damaged cells
Boost production of bone marrow
Allergies and Sinusitis
Anxiety and Nervous Tension
Colds and Flus
Colic (babies)
Diarrhea, Indigestion and Heartburn
Hair Loss
Headaches and Migraines
High Blood Pressure
Intestinal Parasites
Lethargy and Depression

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