Sunglasses Cause Cancer

Sunglass Causes Cancer

People have a negative view of the sun’s rays; thinking that it causes cancer. But experts explains that we need the sun’s rays to promote and maintain skin health and prevent cancer. They says that wearing sunglasses could increase the risk of skin cancer.

Scientists and dermatologists had urged people to wear sunglasses to shield the retina from damage.

But Dr Moalem said: “Sunglasses make the brain think it’s dark and this means you’re not starting the natural process of tanning. You’re more likely to burn and therefore at more risk of skin cancer.”

Sun glasses reduce the amount of ultra-violet light reaching key areas of the eye, tricking the brain into believing less harmful rays have penetrated the body.

Ultraviolet light constitutes one of the most powerful natural medicines the world has ever seen. By the year 1933, researchers found there were over 165 different diseases for which sunlight proved to be a beneficial treatment, including hypertension, diabetes, and almost every type of cancer. To this day, no other treatment has shown such a wide range of benefits as sunlight.

The miraculous complete cures of tuberculosis and many other diseases facilitated by doctors in the early twentieth century made headlines at the time. Remarkably, though, the sun’s healing rays remained ineffective if the patients wore sunglasses. Sunglasses block out important rays of the light spectrum which the body requires for essential biological functions.

Only those who take the “risk” of exposing themselves to sunlight find that the sun actually makes them feel better, provided they don’t use sunglasses, sunscreens or burn their skin. The UV-rays in sunlight actually stimulate the thyroid gland to increase hormone production, which in turn increases the body’s basal metabolic rate. This assists both in weight loss and improved muscle development. Farm animals fatten much faster when kept indoors, and so do people who stay out of the sun. Therefore, if you want to lose weight or increase your muscle tone,expose your body to the sun on a regular basis. Remember, being overweight or obese is major risk factor for developing cancer.

Any person who misses out on sunlight becomes weak and suffers mental and physical problems as a result. His vital energy diminishes in due time, which is reflected in his quality of life. The populations in Northern European countries like Norway and Finland, which experience months of darkness every year, have a higher incidence of irritability, fatigue, illness, insomnia, depression, alcoholism, and suicide than those living in the sunny parts of the world. Their skin cancer rates are higher, too. For example, the incidence of melanoma (skin cancer) on the Orkney and Shetland Isles, north of Scotland, is 10 times that of Mediterranean islands.

Ultraviolet light

  • improves the body’s resistance to infections due to an increase of lymphocytes and phagocytic index (the average number of bacteria ingested per leukocyte of the patient’s blood)
  • enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
  • increases sex hormones
  • improves resistance of the skin to infections
  • raises one’s tolerance to stress and reduces depression
  • improves electrocardiogram readings
  • lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • improves cardiac output when needed (not contradictory to lower resting heart rate)
    reduces cholesterol, if required
  • increases glycogen stores in the liver
  • balances blood sugar
  • enhances energy, endurance, and muscular strength

Sunglasses and sunscreen agents are among the most health-endangering products that exist because they block absorption of ultraviolet rays which your body needs to produce vitamin D. Besides hindering the essential exposure of your eyes and skin to the rays of the sun, the use of sunscreens and sunglasses is largely responsible for the chronic vitamin D deficiency that plagues 80% of the American population. Vitamin D– deficiency is associated with depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis and almost every other degenerative disorder. “The elderly, who spend little time in the sun and use sunscreen agents frequently, may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency,” according to a statement made by the Mayo Clinic. Vitamin D deficiency is strongly associated with bone disease and fracture. Makes you wonder why so many elderly people suffer from bone disorders.

The human body was designed to absorb UV light for very good reasons; otherwise we would have been born with a natural sunscreen for UV light on our skin and in our eyes. One of the most important reasons is that UV radiation is necessary for normal cell division. A lack of sunlight disrupts normal cell growth, which can lead to cancer. The wearing of sunglasses, including regular UV-reflecting spectacles and contact lenses, is largely responsible for certain degenerative eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. Most people who use sunglasses on a regular basis report continuously weakening eyesight.

The dramatically increased incidence of skin damage seemingly caused by the sun (but really by wearing sunglasses) is exploited by the sunscreen and cancer industry. The main reason the dermatology industry promotes sunscreen products is because it is heavily funded by sunscreen manufacturers. The pharmaceutical and medical industries never intended to cure diseases. Right from the beginning, it was their intention to make a lot of money by producing drugs and chemicals that would making up new diseases for which they would develop specific drugs and procedures to relieve symptoms but never really eliminate them. In the above example of sunlight, by advertising the dangers of sunlight and promoting the use of sunglasses and sunscreens, the pharma/medical industry made certain the number of skin cancers and numerous other health problems would increase. They then recommended the appropriate treatments to combat these diseases, which in turn will lead to further escalations of these same diseases. These principals of psychological deception are well known to the industry and are applied to almost every so-called disease. The result is that nearly every person in the United States already has or will develop one or several serious illnesses at some stage in their lives. Something as “harmless” as sunglasses or sunscreens has created a health disaster of unimaginable proportions.

Experts claim that “Light in the eye is an important factor. It helps to short-circuit the body’s natural defence mechanism against the sun.”

Dr Sven Krengel, a German expert who has also studied the possible link between wearing sunglasses and increased risk of skin cancer, said: “I like this theory. I think it should be pushed forward for further research.”

However, good quality sunglasses also helped protect the eye against cataracts and other damage.

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