If You Have THIS on Your Hair, You Will Never Develop Cancer!

 If You Have THIS on Your Hair, You Will Never Develop Cancer!

Take a look at your hair. It reveals a genetic tendency that protects against cancer.

Before we start with this article, Let’s understand the meaning of cowlick. A cowlick is a section of hair that stands straight up or lies at an angle at odds with the style in which the rest of an individual’s hair is worn. Cowlicks appear when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern.

Had ever happened to you to be unable to tame a stubborn strand of hair, no matter how hard you try to comb the hair properly? Do you spend a lot of money on gel, hair spray, and other hair products to solve this issue? You probably spend a lot of time too and sometimes even arrive later at your meeting due to the battle with your messy hair. Maybe it irritates you and perhaps you are angry to your genes that direct the lock in the wrong way, but that gene is your “guardian angel.”
 If You Have THIS on Your Hair, You Will Never Develop Cancer!Scientists have found a connection between these “restless” locks and genetic predisposition that protects the body from cancer. Namely, such locks have only people who have so-called “Polarized” genes.

Medical experts claim that this hairstyle is only possible with the help of so-called “polarity genes.”These genes help direct nutrient flow across cells, and help cells join up and support each other. They also cause certain biological structures to form opposing or “polarized” patterns, including in human hair which can, in some instances, lead to the cowlick.

The medical experts also say that polarity genes also happen to specify where the front and rear ends of cells are, without which the cells will not be able to migrate from one place to another. This polarity is abandoned when cancer cells move around the body during metastasis, at which point the affliction becomes incredibly difficult to treat. A group of researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) examined this and they discovered organizes and governs these polarity genes. Curiously, it’s a protein that normally suppresses tumors called retinoblastomas, a cancer that typically spreads in the eyes of young children.

A protein that prevents cancer is part of the large family protein that controls the division of cells, DNA replication, and cell destruction.

Scientists have been given this protein to the insects to investigate anticancer properties and they noticed a strange phenomenon – restless locks.

The researchers assumed that turbulent locks in humans have similar samples, and it would be a revolutionary discovery if confirmed.

Therefore, whenever you can not make your hair as you want, remember that your genes protect against cancer.
Future research will be conducted in order to exploit this phenomenon of making better and more effective chemotherapies.

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