“Love Knows No Size” A True Love Story

Love Knows No Size

When it comes to marriage, Love knows no reason, no distance, no boundaries- appearance, size or status in life. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.

This couple is quite a living proof of the thing called unconditional love.

The inspiring couple, who are now both motivational speakers, met through a mutual friend in 2009 and married in September 14, 2012.

It is expected that people will question someone else’s intention on marrying a handicapped or anyone that lives with imperfection. It is the cold hard truth but hey, true love still does exist and whether you like it or not, love will always prevail in the end.

Meet Mindie Kniss and his tiny husband Sean Stephenson, a larger than life couple that proves love knows no bounds.

Love Knows No Size

Sean was born with rare bone disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta, better known as Brittle Bone Disorder.The disorder stunted his growth and causes his bones to be extremely fragile. By 18, he’d already suffered over 200 bone fractures.

Despite allegations of Sean’s condition, the couple shared good sex life.And they live their own version of happily ever after in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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