German Man Gives Birth to Baby Boy In The UK

 German Man Gives Birth to Baby Boy In The UK

Incredible, But True

A German man, from Berlin has become the first German man to give birth to a baby. The person is a male but has female reproductive organs.

He gave birth to his son on March 18th, within the premises of his home, because if he did it in a hospital he would have had to provide the mother’s name for the hospital records, as per German law.

This man delivered the baby boy with the help of midwives at home. The person is a transgender and identified as a male in the Government records.

Born as a woman, the new father retained his reproductive organs after hormone therapy to change his gender.

He reportedly became pregnant through a sperm donation so the baby officially has only a mother and no father. This case is very similar to that of Thomas Beatie who has given birth to three children in US as a transgender.

Details about the sperm donor or any relationship information has been withheld from the public as the father wanted to protect his son from any attention.
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