NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODNot every food is meant to be reheated and consumed. Today’s fast pace of life has made freshly prepared meals a luxury, and hence we all heat up foods, which are the worst enemies of our health. Some foods that are reheated can become poisonous. Here are some of those foods and why you should refrain from giving them a second go in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave.

Foods you should take care to avoid reheating unless you want to book a day away from work – and in the bathroom instead.

NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODCelery is an important food source of conventional antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese.Celery with its high nitrate content can become toxic if you heat it the second time and eat it. Warming them up transforms them into nitrosamines, which are very harmful and carcinogenic.

NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODPotatoes are highly nutritional food that should not be reheated because it loses most of its benefits and even becomes toxic.Recent studies have shown that the healthiest potatoes are when boiled, but chilled. When cool, the potatoes lead to an increase in the percentage of resistant starch that has a probiotic effect. So eat it immediately after preparation or even cold – then it has the highest percentage of resistant starch meritorious for long- lasting feeling of satiety.


NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODMushrooms should be eaten immediately after preparation owing to their complex protein content and if you have left of them for the next day, it’s better to eat them cold. This also applies for soups and for the risotto made with mushrooms. Reheating the mushrooms may cause a change in the composition of proteins and even a change of its taste. Proteins can deteriorate as soon as you cut them up, and that’s bad news for your belly.Then, they can
cause a variety of digestive problems and lose their health benefits.For this reason, before you cook them, take the exact amount you think is enough to “tame” your hunger.

NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODSpinach also belong to the group of toxic foods that after heating lose their nutritional properties. Spinach is a food with a high percentage of nitrates, which by reheating turn into nitrites. They are potentially carcinogenic to the human body, so it’s recommended to eat only fresh spinach or immediately after preparation.


NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODBeetroot also should be eaten immediately after preparation. Just like the spinach, beetroots also contain nitrates which by reheating become extremely harmful. This doesn’t mean that the other day you can not eat this food, but only if it is not reheated and eaten cold.



NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODEggs are high-risk food which also becomes toxic due to exposure to high temperature. But beware boiled or scrambled – reheating these can make you sick.


NEVER HEAT UP THESE TYPES OF FOODChicken – The protein composition changes when a cold chicken is heated for the second time after being kept in the fridge which can cause digestive problems.