How I Healed My Arthritis Naturally – True Story

Heal Arthritis Naturally

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 76.2 million, or 26 percent of Americans, suffer from chronic pain – and more than half of those have some form of arthritis or related condition.

Conventional medical science, quite frankly, offers little in the way of long-term serious help for the arthritis sufferer. This is ironic since there are so many people in the United States alone who are subjected to its aches and pains in some way.

Many of these people are looking towards other, more natural means to alleviate the symptoms and stop the cycle of pain. There are two options – available to everyone – that should be at the top of your list: diet and exercise.

A healthy diet, proper rest, stress management, and regular exercise can help improve your quality of life.

Here is a true story of Mike who healed Arthritis Naturally.

Mike experienced excruciating pain and stiffness in his right shoulder. He felt like someone had taken a blowtorch and scorched the entire bone. He couldn’t raise his arm higher than his ribcage and the pain was unbearable. The doctors said Mike had severe Artritis, which shocked him. He had advanced osteoarthritis.

The cartilage in his shoulder was completely worn away, and his bones were rubbing and scraping against each other. That’s why he was in so much pain and he couldn’t raise his arm.”

When Mike questioned about rebuilding the cartilage… Doctors laughed and said, it cant be rebuilt.

Basically, he had two options. To replace the entire shoulder with surgery, that costed twenty thousand dollars.

The second option was Pain medication for the rest of his life.

Mike just left the hospital searching for an alternate to heal his body naturally. Our body is designed to heal on its own.

Mike starting reading books written by Marshall Mandell who had an 80% success rate treating arthritis patients, According to Gary, Dr. Mandell believed arthritis was caused by food and environmental allergies.

This book described arthritis as the body’s reaction to allergies, primarily food allergies, and they provided plenty of documentation and case studies. This was a direct contradiction to everything the hospital doctors had told him and everything the other arthritis books said. He almost fell out of my chair. The answer was right under his nose all along!

Immediately, he stopped eating and drinking everything all what he was used to and began a bland diet of organic brown rice, organic broccoli, and organic lettuce. For drinking and cooking, he used only distilled water.

Within a week, his pain began to subside, first in his hand and forearm, and then in his shoulder. In two weeks, he felt immensely better and could actually raise his arm over his head, something he had not been able to do for the last three months.

Slowly, he added his old foods back to his diet. He noticed certain foods triggered immediate pain and when he stopped these foods the pain went away. The books were right!  Arthritis was nothing more than an allergy!

Day by day, his pain lessened, his mobility increased, and his enthusiasm soared.

Mike began drinking large quantities of raw organic vegetable juice, (celery juice was a favorite) and felt better and better. Eliminating the pain-inducing foods and consuming large quantities of raw organic food was by far the most important thing he did to heal his arthritis naturally.

In two months, 80% of his pain was gone, and in six months he was completely healed with full mobility of his shoulder joint and zero pain.

The main key, the primary ingredient, in healing his arthritis naturally was removing allergic foods from his diet, and almost all of these were processed foods. As those foods were eliminated, his pain and stiffness just melted away.

By now, you may be wondering if this is all so easy, if arthritis can be healed by removing allergic foods, then why aren’t we told about it? Why are we told it’s incurable and urged to treat it with surgery and drugs?

Perhaps a clue can be found in a NY Times article that states that the arthritis industry generates $700 million in annual drug sales and over $3 billion in retail sales.

Start with a healthy diet. The more research that’s performed, the stronger the connection between diet and the alleviation of arthritis symptoms becomes. And antioxidants are a major player.

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