Strawberry Nut Milk



When I decide to make myself some nut milk I was over joyed and doubled the recipe. How was I too decide whether I should make almond milk, vanilla milk, or…or…or! I decided to go with a collective nut milk consisting of almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews. After blending, straining and making a mess I spiced the milk with vanilla bean and cardamon seeds.



Hazelnuts, Almonds and Cashews -Ground & Strained Nuts in Milking Cloth

To my surprise I found the spices made a noticeable difference right away. Before I ended up grinding all my nuts together I cupped out a batch of the mix and ground them separately with frozen strawberries. I love strawberry milk so much, my mama still brings it by my house when she visits. Making the strawberry milk was a lot of fun and reminded me of milking a cow.

Strawberry Nut Milk

The strawberry milk was surprisingly thicker than I expected and when I first poured the batch through the bag I could not strain the milk through the cloth. I ended up having to empty the nut bag and start the straining again using smaller portions. After slowly and carefully extracting all the milk out of the strawberry batch I mixed with vanilla bean, agave and a pitch of salt. Once chilled I enjoyed over a full glass of ice.