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Remove Black heads naturally


Easy remedies to remove Blackheads:

Application of warm goat’s milk is helpful in removing blackheads.
– A steam session with a rub of olive oil, proves beneficial.
– Grated potatoes make a fine scrub for removing blackheads.
– Oat powder rubbed on the face, mixed with honey helps in blackhead removal.
– Carrots mashed and applied on the face, followed by almond oil massage, can be helpful.
– Groundnut oil, mixed with equal amount of lime juice, when applied on face, proves beneficial for blackheads.

Blackheads often appear on the nose, under the eyes or on cheeks, and they can make a seemingly even complexion look flawed. They’re the result of clogged pores, so it’s important to keep your face clean and moisturized, but you can get rid of blackheads if you already have them.
Remove blackheads by deep cleaning your pores. A natural way you can do that is to give yourself a steam facial. I recently answered someone else’s question where I described exactly how to get rid of blackheads using a steam facial.

Steam facials are a great way to remove blackheads — they’re probably the most popular method. After you steam your face, do your best to deep clean your skin using a gentle exfoliating scrub. You’ll have to judge for yourself how often you should do a steam facial to remove blackheads, but I’d say about once or twice a week is enough. You don’t want to do it too often because the skin on your face is delicate, and you should try to avoid irritating it.

I also recommend trying a clay mask — you should be able to find a completely natural one at your local health food store. They’re excellent at detoxifying, which means they can clean out those pores and help get rid of blackheads.
Pore strips are sold over the counter and are made to cling to the stuff that’s clogging the pores and pull it out, and thus remove blackheads. I’m not sure, though, whether they use natural ingredients or chemicals, so you may want to look into that.

Some people use green tea as an exfoliator that can help get rid of blackheads. Others use a mix of rosewater, lavender and alcohol. I imagine this has a similar effect as an astringent, which you can use after cleansing to help remove blackheads. Witch hazel is another popular choice.
When you moisturize, be sure you’re using an oil-free product that’s lightweight. Products that add oil to the skin can clog pores and make your blackheads worse.