Australian man vows to only eat potatoes for the whole of 2016

potato diet Thirty-six-year-old Australian Andrew Flinders Taylor has vowed to eat nothing but potatoes for the whole of 2016.

Andrew Taylor admits it’s silly, but said it was an experiment to try and change his relationship with food.

The Melbourne man said he did his research, he also could have eaten bananas or mangoes for a year, but settled on potatoes because they were cheaper and more nutritious.

potato dietHe is not using oils to prepare his food, explaining that ‘the bulk 99 per cent’ of his calories will be coming from potatoes, with the rest provided by seasonings and low-fat sauces.

Father-of-two Andrew Flinders Taylor, said he made the decision after reaching his heaviest ever weight of 23 stone 12lbs. He already has lost 10kg after eating only potatoes for a month.

“I’ve got nothing to sell and not trying to promote it and say everyone should eat this,” he said.“It’s me, experimenting for me, to see if I can help myself this way.”
Mr Taylor has started documenting his progress on Facebook and YouTube, and already has thousands of followers. “I thought people would make fun of me but they’ve been really supportive,” he  said.

Experts confirm that the potato alone is not sufficient for a healthy diet. By just eating potatoes for a year he is very unlikely to be getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needs.He is likely to miss out on iron, which will potentially lead to tiredness and, also, not consume enough calcium which will have an impact on his bone health. It is, also, going to have an impact on his social life as this is a very restrictive diet. This sort of restriction could lead to disordered eating. I would strongly recommend other people don’t follow this diet.

Many people do think of potatoes as empty calories, but Andrew stresses that the root vegetable can be eaten as a health food.

Mr Taylor has found the diet to be surprisingly enjoyable. “I’ve been exercising more, I’m full of energy,” he claims.

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