60-Year-Old Absolutely Kills Hip Hop Routine On The Ellen Show

Hip HopDon’t believe it? Just watch! 60-year-old Canadian high school dance teacher Shirley Clements, performs with her students at Hip-Hop competition! This amazing woman has inspired countless dancers throughout the years and continues to inspire everyday!

60 years old Shirley Clements, is retiring from her job as a dance teacher at North Surrey Secondary School in Canada. At a dance competition she launched 19 years ago, she surprised students by participating in a perfect choreographed routine.

Being an awesome dancer Shirley Clements celebrated her last year as a teacher by joining her students in a dance routine to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, with some seriously impressive choreography and no one could say she didn’t keep up – in fact, Ms. Clements was the standout performer.

Ms. Clements created the Outbreak Dance Competition to spotlight hip-hop dance 19 years ago.As a matter of fact, she is quite an accomplished dancer and she was recently able to show off her moves on the Ellen show.Ellen is, after all, a big fan of dancing herself.
The dance on the Ellen show was a re-creation of their uptown folk video that went absolutely viral online.

Only one question remained: Would Shirley be able to replicate the same dance moves in front of millions? They were quickly wiped away as she danced her heart out. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself and it is very inspiring.